"Mommy...mommy" my daughter Bailey screamed.Hey im Ashley. im 21. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes.And a five-year-old daughter.I know what your thinking what a slut and yeah your probably right. But i was young and in love. Well not anymore.You wanna know who the father is? Well you probably already know of him. his names Harry.Harry Styles.Me and Harry dated before he went on the X-Factor.He left me when i needed him the most...when i was pregnant.


6. The hospital.

Harrys POV:

The doctors said there wasnt much hope for her. She was in a coma and there was a 70% chance she was going to be paralyzed. All because of a drunk driver. Its been three days. Three days since she has opened her eyes. oh, how i miss her beautiful eyes, her smile, heck, everything about her i miss. My parents have been taking care of Bailey, making up for lost time i guess. Honestly, i havent thought about my daughter much in the past few days. All i can think about is Ashley and how i may never get to marry her, or buy a house in Hawaii, like we planned. how i may never never get to tell her i finally learned to surf, and about the time i swam with dolphins. I'll never get to tell her about one direction. Im sure shes heard of us, but only in magazines. She doesnt know how great the guys really are. She may never really know how sorry I am for everything and how much i really do love her. why did this have to happen?

Ashleys POV:

I hear beeps and someone crying, but i cant open my eyes or move at all. I can her someone repeatedly say im sorry im so so sorry i between them sobbing. Harry. I heard the doctors talking this morning. They said i may not live. Im going to live. For Bailey. For Harry. For my family.

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