"Mommy...mommy" my daughter Bailey screamed.Hey im Ashley. im 21. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes.And a five-year-old daughter.I know what your thinking what a slut and yeah your probably right. But i was young and in love. Well not anymore.You wanna know who the father is? Well you probably already know of him. his names Harry.Harry Styles.Me and Harry dated before he went on the X-Factor.He left me when i needed him the most...when i was pregnant.


5. Paralyzed

NOTE: Im really sorry i havent posted in forvever, but ive been working on some ideas for this story. I'll be updating A LOT more. Hope you guys like it. :)


Ashleys POV:

I cant believe him. We just got back together and starting to get our lives straightened up, as a family, and he just goes and throws it all away like he doesnt care. He probably doesnt. I stopped to turn around and go slap and tell him how sorry of an excuse for a man he was, but i couldnt do it. I couldnt move. It was like i was paralyzed. The only thing i could do was hear things, and the only thing I heard was the sound of tires screeching and then i blacked out.

Harrys POV:

I was standing there. Speechless. I knew the car was going to hit her, but i couldve tell her to get out of the way. I couldnt move. I was frozen. Until they hit her. They barely even slowed; they just kept on going. The love of my life was on the side of the road; helpless and unconscious, but yet i was still frozen in place.

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