"Mommy...mommy" my daughter Bailey screamed.Hey im Ashley. im 21. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes.And a five-year-old daughter.I know what your thinking what a slut and yeah your probably right. But i was young and in love. Well not anymore.You wanna know who the father is? Well you probably already know of him. his names Harry.Harry Styles.Me and Harry dated before he went on the X-Factor.He left me when i needed him the most...when i was pregnant.


4. chapter 4

Harry's pov: She kissed back. I was so happy and i think she was to because i could feel her smiling.She pulled away and said "Your forgiven" those words were the best words i've ever heard. Then she started speaking again,But on one condition Harry.of course anything,I replied. You have to act like a dad and you have to be around alot more. I Promise. i replied.

Ashleys pov: I forgave him and it felt so good it felt like we was actually a family. I just hope nothing changes.....                 (4 hours later)     ladys and gentlemen please fasten your seatbelt we will be landing shortly. Finally we get to land. i cant want to see my family and harrys family again. They've been trying to get us back together for 3 years now. well everyone but my brother. They use to be best friends till he left and ever since they have'nt talked.   *skip the car ride*    we're finally here! me and harry walked in together hand in hand and everybody was either saying aww or look they got back together. after everybody calmed down my bestfriend sarah suggested we go to a club all friends agreed and my mom agreed to watching Bailey. I ran upstairs to get ready while everyone went home to get ready to. were meeting up at harrys in an hour.I go to my old closet and pick out a skin tight black dress and cherry red high heels.Then i went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup for my makeup i did a smokey eye color and red lipstick to match my heels then i curled my hair and put it in a messy bun and i was ready to go. I walked over to harrys and everybody was already there so we headed to the club. As soon as i walked in i got dizzy from the smell of smoke and alchohol. oh well ill get use to it. I told harry i was going to the bathroom and that i would be right back he said ok and so i went to the bathroom. *skip the bathroom* I walked out and there was harry kissing his ex girlfriend. I walked up to them and stood there for two minutes tears silently running down my till he realized i was there.

Harrys pov: How long have you been standing there? i asked. Long enough. she answered and ran out of the club. I ran after screaming i was sorry and that it would never happen again. she didnt reply. A couple seconds later she stopped she didnt turn around or anything then, BAM!!


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