"Mommy...mommy" my daughter Bailey screamed.Hey im Ashley. im 21. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes.And a five-year-old daughter.I know what your thinking what a slut and yeah your probably right. But i was young and in love. Well not anymore.You wanna know who the father is? Well you probably already know of him. his names Harry.Harry Styles.Me and Harry dated before he went on the X-Factor.He left me when i needed him the most...when i was pregnant.


3. chapter 3

I looked up and I saw him.He was sitting right beside me.Harry. The Harry who told me to get an abortion and left me for his career.I felt the tears stream down my face and i looked away. He tried to grab my hand but i pushed him away.Then Bailey started talking "Are you Daddy" it broke my heat to hear her ask that. So i said No, Bailey thats your father not daddy. Is'nt that the same thing Mommy? Bailey asked. No a daddy does'nt leave. i said. She nooded sadly and looked away.

Harry's pov:That broke my heart to hear that conversation between them. Ashley please let me explain. i begged. Fine,Harry,explain. Ashley said. First off im really sorry its just at the time i thought having a baby would ruin my career and i was being selfish. Ashley i havent quit thinking about you ever since i left i regret it so much. just please forgive please.      Ashleys pov: He apologized. Something i've wanted him to do for 5 years. I want to forgive him so bad i want us to finally be a family. But i couldn't. He hurt me too much.        Harry's pov: I hope she forgives me this time i wont screw up. All i want is for us to be a family. She wasnt saying anything so i kissed her.

Ashleys pov: He kissed me. I wanted so bad to forgive him and forget everything that ever happened. So i kissed him back.   

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