"Mommy...mommy" my daughter Bailey screamed.Hey im Ashley. im 21. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes.And a five-year-old daughter.I know what your thinking what a slut and yeah your probably right. But i was young and in love. Well not anymore.You wanna know who the father is? Well you probably already know of him. his names Harry.Harry Styles.Me and Harry dated before he went on the X-Factor.He left me when i needed him the most...when i was pregnant.


2. chapter 2

Ashleys pov: Bailey fell asleep in my arms so i took her to her room and put her to bed. We have a long day tomorrow.We're going back to England for a couple weeks to visit family.I heard Harry's back in town. I really don't want to see him. He ruined my life. But i've moved on.Apparently he's visiting family too.The bad thing is our familys live right beside eachother.Uhh these next two weeks are going to be so fun!(note the sarcasm)   Harry's pov: im going back to England for a couple weeks.Maybe i'll find some information on where Ashley lives. I hope so.I cant get Ashley out of my mind. Her or the baby. I miss her so much. Maybe just maybe she'll be visiting family to.

Ashley's pov:Ashley...I love you im so glad your pregnant. I knew one day we would get to start our family.said Harry. Then i heard crying. Oh just another dream. I went to get Bailey ready for the flight she had a pink dress with brown leggings on and a pink bow in her hair.Then i went and fixed breakfast while she was eating I went to get dressed i put on sweatpants and Harry's purple Jack Wills sweatshirt that he left at my house in england. I went downstairs to get Bailey and went to my black dodge Charger and put her in her carseat and we was on our way to the airport.

Harry's pov: i got up and went to the kitchen to get sme cereal. When i got done i went to get dressed i put on sweatpants and my purple Jack Wills sweatshirt just like the one that i left at Ashley's house. I wonder if she still had it?

Ashleys pov: Me and Bailey just go to the airport and they called flight 402 to London last call so me and Bailey got up and went to board the plane.  Harry's pov: I just got to the airport and as soon as i walked the lady called flight 402 to London last call. So i went to board the plane. And there she was.Ashley.She didn't see yet then i realized my seat is right beside her.I was so happy i finally got to see and talk to her again.Well her goes nothing....

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