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This is a book all about One Direction and it is filled with imagines and i hope you guys enjoy them :) Please like and favorite this book and check out my other book 'finding you', it would really mean a lot to me.
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9. Imagine #8 Niall and Trena (Special birthday edition)

-Niall and Trena-
It’s the morning of your birthday and your parents gave you the choice to either have a big party or go on a really cool trip! After a long time of thinking [2 seconds **sarcasm intended] you chose the trip, and of course you chose to go to London. The home of none other than One Direction!!!

**skip to London because the plane ride was really boring and long**

You step off the plane and almost immediately get lost in the crowd of people. Thankfully you have your phone with you so you call your mom who tells you to wait next to a coffee stand nearby while they get you luggage. Since you've just waken up from a super long flight you decide to freshen up in the bathroom. As you look in the mirror you frown at your appearance. You were wearing a baggy gray sweater and blue skinny jeans with just a hint of makup. You go back out next to the coffee stand when you accidentally bump into someone."Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me!" he said in an accent as he quickly ran away to join a group of four other boys wearing similar types of clothes. Then it hit you that his accent was Irish. It couldn't be...could it? You decided to let it go since your parents just joined you.

It was your third day in London and the word going around was that One Direction would be doing a signing at your hotel around lunch time! You had to beg your parents to take you out to get a new outfit that you could wear to the signing. After a long day of shopping you came up with something that looked very flattering. Your favorite of the band was Niall. You couldn't get enough of his singing, accent, funniness, appetite, anything. Plus Lou, Liam, and Zayn had girlfriends. Your bestfriend's favorite was Harry/Liam so it all worked out perfectly anyways! You gathered up all your One Direction merch and went down to the ballroom where it was supposed to be taking place. You wanted to get there early so you could maybe see them before hand and just be the first one in line, well that didn't work out because there were already plenty of girls there.
"Well then. I'll just wait. Now there's no hope of them remembering me. I'll just be another fan" you thought to yourself. As you were waiting in line you took the time to text your bestfriend everything that happened so far and what was going to happen in a few minutes. She texted back saying to give them her twitter to them, especially Harry. Time passed and it was almost your turn. A few girls ahead of you was this one chick that was telling Niall how ugly he was and how he shouldn't be in One Direction. You hated people like that, and since no one was speaking up you said, "Hey! Leave him alone! Who are you to judge someone like that! Just go away." She glared back at you and walked your way.
"What. Did you just say to me?" she said.
"I said for you to leave him alone!" you said.
"Whatever b*tch! Back off. Im only telling him because it's the f*cking truth," she said and walked off, giving one last death stare to you and then to Niall.
The first person you came up to was Harry.
"That was some show you put on there," He said while signing your CD, DVD, etc.
"Sorry, I just get really pissed when I see someone like that".
"Yea, I know what you mean".
"Oh! I almost forgot," you say to him. You hand him your bestfriend's information, "This is my bestfriend's twitter. Could you also give it to the rest of the boys?"
"Sure Love, nice meeting you!" He said, and with that you went on to Zayn.
"That was absolutely brilliant. I was afraid no one was going to do anything!" He said while signing your merch.
"Thanks" and you moved onto Louis and Liam who basically said the same thing and you finally got to Niall.
"Hey Nialler!" you said to him.
"Hey, thanks for standing up for me. I expected it though, because they always gotta hate on me.." he said.
"No problem. You deserve to be treated like the other boys, and by the way, you're my favorite, " you said with a smile.
"Is that so? how funn-" He stopped talking when he glanced up from signing your merch. "Oh my gosh. You're the girl from the airport! Next the the..the.the coffee stand! right?"
"So that WAS you?!" you said.
"Yes, oh my gosh haha, umm here." he said while writing something else down. "Have a nice day...?"
"Trena" you finished his sentence.
"Oh ok well have a nice day Trena, "he said while smiling widely.

As you walked back to your hotel room you look at what everyone wrote:
Harry: [his signature] and a note saying "you are a very special girl, hope to see you again!"
Zayn: [his signature] and a note saying "That girl didn't have a chance against a girl like you haha.."
Louis: [his signature] and a note saying "Hey beautiful, nice meeting you!"
Liam: [his signature] and a note saying "Love, that was amazing back there"
Niall: [his signature] and a note saying "Thank you for standing up for me. You are an amazing girl and a very beautiful one too. I'd like to get to know you better. Call me!" followed by his number.

You stopped dead in your tracks and re-read Niall's note all over again. You looked back and Niall was smiling at you and winked. You smiled back and felt yourself getting red in the cheeks. You nodded and ran up to your hotel room where your parents were waiting.

"That's great sweety!!" your mom said.
"Who? Is he a good boy? Does he get good grades? Would he do anything to hurt my baby girl?!" your dad asked.
"No dad. He's in One Direction, the boy band? You know, I just went to their signing?"
"Oh, yea ok." he said and he went to take a nap.

After you called him he took you to Nandos. [obviously -.-] and after that you guys always kept in touch, even when you flew back to the U.S. a week later. You and Niall talked on the phone back and forth and texted each other until you parents announced that your dad had a job transfer to London where you would be staying for who knows how long. When you got there Niall was there to greet you and asked you out on a date. Of course you said yes and after a few dates you became an official couple. And then..well you know the rest :)

I really hope you liked it Trena cuz it took a while, you are my best friend/wiffey and never forget it <3 Happy 14th Birthday <3
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