One Direction Imagines

This is a book all about One Direction and it is filled with imagines and i hope you guys enjoy them :) Please like and favorite this book and check out my other book 'finding you', it would really mean a lot to me.
If you would like a personalized imagine then leave a comment with the following things about yourself
-hair discription
-eye color
-what boy you want the imagine with


8. Imagine #7 Liam and Cheryl ( 2 IN 1 )

Part #1
Imagine Liam
You and Liam went to go play some golf in a really nice field and you guys were gunna have a picnic after. You weren't very good at golf and Liam decided to do that cute thing where he put his arms around you and guided you and you laughed and said that's cute li, he laughed and said Com'on babe, you can do it, and you swung the club with him around you and the club flew into the pond. You both giggled and as you turned around he placed his forehead on yours and just stared into your eyes. You looked down shyly but he guided your face back up to his, you looked in his eyes as he said "I love you Cheryl" you replied "I love you too babe" and Liam leaned in for a kiss but just before you guys kissed, the sprinklers went off an you guys got super soaked , you turned around to see what was happening, Liam turned you around and passionatly kissed you in the sprinklers.

Part #2
Imagine Liam
You and Liam are hanging out at your place and you and Liam are cuddling on the sofa when Liam texts you Asking to go to an amusement park and you were hesitant but said yes. When u were there Liam suggests that you should go on a roller coaster, you hated hights so u said "I don't know" it's seems to scary so Liam said dont worry, I'll be there the whole time beside you, you'll be fine. You still seemed hesitant and Liam could tell so he leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss on the forehead and you calmed down. You decided to go on the roller coaster and when you sat down Liam could tell you were scared so he locked his fingers between yours and reassured you that things would be alright.
After the ride Liam bought you some balloons and just before you guys were about to leave, you wanted a picture of the two of you, you smiled and the picture looked great, Liam turned to you and looked into your eyes and slowly kissed you as you let the balloons slowly slip out of your hand.
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