One Direction Imagines

This is a book all about One Direction and it is filled with imagines and i hope you guys enjoy them :) Please like and favorite this book and check out my other book 'finding you', it would really mean a lot to me.
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7. Imagine #6 Niall and Grace

Nialls P.O.V

I stared over at her from the other side of the room, unable to do anything. She was so beautiful, I had never seen any girl like her in my life. It was Christmas time and my mum had invited all the family friends and her friends over for a small party especially as I was back for Christmas. The atmosphere was great but as soon as the doorbell went my mum panicked and rushed off, I happened to be walking into the hall to head towards the kitchen when my mum had opened the door that time and stood behind it was this girl. I had never seen her or the woman with her before so I assumed they were people that my mum had met whilst I’d been in One Direction that i’d never had the time to meet myself. Her blue dress hugged her figure until it reached her waist where it flared out and stopped just abover her knees. Her lng legs cascading down to the floor where they were met by a gorgeous pair of shoes. Her hair hung loosely over her shoulders in waves and her eyes sparkled. I could tell she hadn’t spotted me yet as he attention was focused on my mum and all the other people in the space. I was blocking the way until someone pushed me a little by accident and I ended up right next to my mum.
“Niall!” She exclaimed smiling at me as I blushed. “Meet Grace!” She contnued, her arm angling towards the girl. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me before her mum nudged her. She sighed before holding out her hand and I couldnt stop myself laughing before shaking it gently and winking. She winked back and my mum turned to the two of us and said
“Why don’t you both go and get a drink?” I nodded before spinning on my heel and walking through the hall to the kitchen.
“What would you like?” I asked her, trying to avoid her gaze but I saw her shrug her shoulders, I wandered over to the fridge and pulled out a beer for me. “One of these?” I questioned, holding it up and gaining a bit more confidence.
“That’s be fine, Niall” She said, I felt myself blush as she said my name before I walked over to her and gave her the bottle. “Thanks…See you later?” She said before walking back into the hall and dissapearing into the living room. I sighed before pulling out my phone and calling the only person I knew could help. Harry.
“Hello?” He said, trying to shout over the noise going on in his house.
“Harry!” I said, I heard the noise get quieter and a few doors closing.
“What is it mate?” He asked.
“There’s this girl here tonight and she’s so beautiul! I don’t know what to do and you’re amazing with the girls!” I gushed, I heard Harry chuckle from the other end and then he said
“Try and dance with her first, just relax Niall you’ll be fine, Look I really have to go! Have a nice Christmas!” He replied before hanging up. I sighed as i stood up and worked my way through to the living room. I saw her sitting on a chair in the corner and I walked straight over to her, I remembered something that my dad had told me once.
“All you need is twenty minutes of courage Niall. Twenty minutes.” Now was my twenty minutes.
“Hey!” I said, she looked up from her phone and smiled before standing up
“Hi!” She replied as she hugged me. I nearly gave up there and then and walked away but something kept me there. Maybe it was her. Suddenly Little Things came on ansd everyone cheered at me. I sighed but Grace looked pleased.
“I LOVE THIS SONG!” She squealed, I laughed as she let her jaw hang open a little bit when she realised she had said that in front of one of the singers of Little Things.
“Care to dance?” I asked, offering her my arm. She nodded and put her hand on my arm before I led her to the dancefloor. She giggled when I span her around and linked my arms around the back of her waist as her hands linked around the back of my neck. We slowyl danced around the living room and her head buried itself into the crook of my neck.
“You know you’re a really lovely girl…” I said, she looked up to me and smiled before replyin with
“You’re not too bad youself…” I laughed at her comment and we carried on dancing. The night went on and we talked more and more. Eventually it turned midnight and she said to me “Merry Christmas!” before throwing her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek.
“Merry Christmas babe!” I replied. I felt her tense in my arms when I called her ‘babe’ but she held me tighter. People started to leave then and eventually Grace and her mum were the only guests left.
“Come on sweetheart! We better be off!” Her mum called and she pouted her lip before standing up.
“I’ll see you again soon?” She asked but before she could say anymore I had pulled her into a huge hug.
“Definately” I whispered. She then handed me a piece of paper with a mobile number on it.
“Text me!” She said and I nodded before watching her leave.
“She was lovely!” Mum commented as she walked back into the room after showing Grace and her mum to the door.
“Yeah…” I agreed. “She was"
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