One Direction Imagines

This is a book all about One Direction and it is filled with imagines and i hope you guys enjoy them :) Please like and favorite this book and check out my other book 'finding you', it would really mean a lot to me.
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6. Imagine #5 Harry and Ivy (Warning DIRTY)

I feel like all I ever do is sit at home waiting for Harry to return home from living his exciting life. I sprang up off the couch, grabbed my car keys, and headed out the door. As strange as it may sound, this was all too new to me; leaving the house in sweatpants, Harry’s t-shirt, my hair up in a loose bun and absolutely no makeup on. I hated leaving the house without looking presentable, but I was way to caught up in the moment to care. I found myself pondering this thought, just sitting in the front seat of my car. When I snapped out of my mindless thoughts, I turned the ignition and hit the pedal(see what I did there?) to start the gas, and drove myself to the local gym. That was Harry’s destination for the day.

I got out of my car and pulled the gym doors open and strolled into the lobby of the gym. I strolled up to the front desk. A blonde woman with square-frame glasses that sat lazily on her nose peered up at me. ”Hi, I was wondering if you’ve seen a tall man with curly hair? He’s wearing a black t-shirt…” I questioned waving my hand over my torso area when I mentioned the t-shirt. Her cheeks flushed red and she shifted her gaze from me, I suppose in hopes of not revealing her blushing cheeks. “Harry’s in the boxing room,” she said pointing to an arched hallway to my left. “Thanks,” I replied walking off towards where she was pointing. “How did she know his name anyway? I guess he was pretty popular around here.” I thought to myself as I approached another archway and saw a boxing ring with shelves of weights surrounding it.

I instantly found Harry in the boxing ring doing pushups. He didn’t have his shirt on, and was sweating so much his curls were sticking to his forehead and I could make out every sweat droplet from where I was standing. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second, not to mention his muscles were perfectly toned with every pushup he did.

“Hey, Muscle Man,” I man lifting weights called out after he noticed my presence. Harry stood up quickly, and turned to look at me. Confusion was on his face, but he quickly brought his mouth up with a smile. “Hey, babe,” he called out, clearly out of breath. I just stood there speechless, taking in every inch of his body. After noticing my awkwardness I quickly trekked over to the side of the ring, holding onto one of the elastic ropes. Harry bent down, picking up a towel, to dry himself off of his sweat. He was now eye-level with me, and flashed, yet again, another smile. “Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing you, but what’re you doing here?” He asked chuckling a bit. “I was just bored and…” I trailed off moving my eyes back down to his amazingly shaped torso, adorning his chiseled abs. He reached his hand through the elastic ropes, and lightly put his index finger under my chin lifting my gaze up to make eye contact with him. “Why don’t we get you back home, eh?” he said smoothly. “Okay,” I said vulnerably.

We took Harry’s car home, completely abandoning my car in the parking lot. As he started the car I felt completely dazed in my own imagination of what I’d like to do to Harry tonight. I snapped myself out of my thoughts when Harry turned on the radio. Gorilla by Bruno Mars, came on the radio.(Listen to the song, and It’ll make sense.) That was enough for me, I leaned over staring deeply into Harry, and began leaving light kisses where his jaw met his neck. I instinctively moved my hand to his crotch, feeling him harden instantly beneath my touch. “B-baby, stop,” Harry spoke lightly. I just continued my movements. “C’mon, Ivy, I gotta drive.” he, again, spoke lightly. I pulled away and sat awkwardly in the passenger seat.

Once we got to the house, Harry rushed inside, with me following closely behind. After the door was locked, he pushed me up against the wall, his hands resting on either side of my head, tall height hovering of my short figure. “That wasn’t nice what you did to me,” he spoke with an extremely raspy voice. I knew what he was talking about, and replied with, “Then you shouldn’t have told me to stop then,” He chuckled, looking down in the direction of our feet. He didn’t say anything, he just began sucking my neck roughly and leaving love bites. I moaned, clearly enjoying what he was doing, but I wanted it the other way around. I wanted to be in charge this time. Harry always kept dominance, and I wanted to switch it around this time. Plus, your supposed to keep your love life interesting. So I swiftly snuck under his tall frame, causing him to turn around towards me. I took the opportunity to pin him against the wall this time. Before he could react, I returned his favor by repeating his recent actions. He moaned my name while holding onto my hips.

I turned around, and strutted up the steps to our shared bedroom. Harry followed after me, letting me know I had him wrapped around my finger. I smirked to myself at this thought.

I pushed Harry onto the bed proudly, and began stripping off my clothes teasingly slow.

*** HIS POV ***

I’d never felt this way before. I’d always been in charge, always had to take control, but being on the other side wasn’t so bad. It was actually really sexy how controlling Ivy could be in bed.

As I watched her strip her clothes off, I felt myself growing even harder, if that was possible. She was just down to her bra and panties now. She was fiddling with the sides of her panties, giggling and biting her lip. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. Giggling and lip biting was a major turn on for me, and to see her doing that was completely overwhelming.

She finally stripped completely, and began to sit up, but she soon pushed me back down. I let it go, knowing what I desired was coming soon, but I then noticed that I was still fully clothed. I was extremely disappointed.

*** YOUR POV ***

I loved this feeling of being in control. I almost felt and adrenaline rush, but I knew I had to keep my cool, for the mystery and subtleness I was pulling off. I fumbled with Harry’s belt and soon stripped his sweat pants of revealing his navy blue boxers, with an extreme bulge. I blushed a bit knowing I caused that. Harry stripped his own shirt off in anticipation. I trailed my fingers down his torso to his boxers, pulling them down slowly. I looked him in the eyes as I did this, causing him to clench his eyes shut.

I kissed his member from base to tip, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. Neither of us could wait anymore, so I placed my hands on his chest and positioned myself of his hard member. I slid down on him and bounced up and down for the pleasure of both of us.

*** HIS POV ***

I couldn’t take it anymore. Watching my girl riding me was the sexiest sight I’d ever seen. It made me think, “What else had I been missing out on?” I moaned her name extremely loudly, after hearing her call out mine. That was another turn on for me; hearing Ivy moan out my name.

“I-i’m gonna cum,” I spoke quietly, unable to speak any louder. “On 3” she called out. “1-” she said with a screamish moan falling from her mouth. “2-” I said, helping her out a bit.

*** YOUR POV ***

Hearing Harry’s voice pushed me over the edge. I released my self over him, and soon felt him do the same. I pulled out and laid my head on his chest. “You should take charge more often,” Harry said, out of breath. All I did was smile, falling asleep on him shortly after.
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