One Direction Imagines

This is a book all about One Direction and it is filled with imagines and i hope you guys enjoy them :) Please like and favorite this book and check out my other book 'finding you', it would really mean a lot to me.
If you would like a personalized imagine then leave a comment with the following things about yourself
-hair discription
-eye color
-what boy you want the imagine with


5. Imagine #4 Niall and Simmy

Imagine Niall
You and Niall have been a couple for two years now and you walk down the streets of new York city holding hands and talking about anything u guys want when A fan runs up and asks if you guys are dating. Niall stares into your eyes but looks back to the fan and is silent. The fan says never mind and asks Niall for an autograph which he kindly gives. The fan runs back to her friends screaming with happiness. Niall pulls you in for a hug, you reluctantly accept it but when Niall goes in for the kiss you back away almost in tears. Niall asks you whats wrong, you don't answer, he asks again and you almost scream at him "are you embarrassed to be dating me?!" Niall is shocked. He doesn't answer you. "Thats what I thought" you stated as you ran back to your flat.
-2 hours later-
You are still crying on your be from the fight You and Niall had, you loved him but couldn't stand him right now.
*Knock Knock*
Somebody was at your door so you wiped the tears from your face and opened the door.
It was Niall.
You couldn't bear to see him right now so you closed the door but his foot got caught in the way of the door. He walks into your flat and sits on your bed. You follow him and sit down beside him. There was an awkward moment of silence which was broken by the sound of Niall on his iPhone. You were so frustrated with Niall, he goes to your house and all he does is go on fucking Twitter?!?
Niall, you came to my flat and now your just on your phone?! I think you should leave now."
He gets up off your bed and looks you in the eye and tells you "Just let me finish this one thing and if you still want me to go I will"
"ugh" you sigh.
Your phone makes a noise so you check it.
-Somebody has mentioned you on Twitter-
You unlock your phone to see a tweet from Niall.
" @SimmyBear, I am so sorry, you know I love you and I would do anything to stay with you forever and I hope you fell the same way.
Simmy, Will you Marry me?
-Love Nialler xx"
You look up from your phone.
"Niall-" you start to say. He looks up at you and says "I was going to propose you in front of that fan but she cut me off."
"Yes!" you say.
"What?" Niall asks.
" I love you Niall and I will marry you!"
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