One Direction Imagines

This is a book all about One Direction and it is filled with imagines and i hope you guys enjoy them :) Please like and favorite this book and check out my other book 'finding you', it would really mean a lot to me.
If you would like a personalized imagine then leave a comment with the following things about yourself
-hair discription
-eye color
-what boy you want the imagine with


1. Imagine #1 Harry

You and Harry come back from your date at the beach and you are both exhausted so you flop down on Harry's couch. A few minuets later,Harry grabs your arms and says Com'on babe, I have a surprise for you. You, exhaustedly say "Uhhh fine" and he covers your eyes with HIs very large hands while walking behind you, when you got there he uncovered your eyes and you were In his kitchen and there were baking ingredients EVERYWHERE! You looked at him and just laughed. He laughed as he some icing and put it on your lip. You told him that he had to get it off as you smiled and let a smirk creep up on your face. He kissed your lips softly and said there you go babe. Harry turned around to get a glass of water. You tapped his shoulder, he turned around as you took some icing on your finger and wiped it on his lips and said "my turn" and winked. You rose on the tip of your toes then kissed him and he picked you up and you both laid down on the couch together. You were just finished laughing and Harry moved the hair out your face and asked "what did I do to deserve you Love?" you were just about I say "I don't know" but Harry cut you off by kissing you sweetly as you both laid down and you buried your head in his chest as you fell asleep.
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