Negativity of The Mind. A Poem.

This is about depression. And how you shouldn't harm yourself.


1. Negativity of The Mind. A Poem.

It seems to be the same to be,
We either want to stay or leave it be.
It can't be said most of the time,
Just certain periods that all seem to rhyme.


Some people are drastic and over react,
But seriously just look at the facts.
Why would you want to end it so soon?
When your full potential has yet to bloom.


Some people might make you feel small,
But soon you will have one heck of a ball.
Where you'll laugh and live and fall in love,
And you'll be standing from them high above.


There's no need to question these words,
Cause no they have been heard.
So don't end your life now,
You're the one who makes it brilliant or foul.

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