A Rose For You, a Rose For Me

Samantha told she did not have too much longer to live. Her and her friend Liam will go to exotic places. She heasrs him say something, that she wasen't supposed to hear. Not trying to rush anything, she keeps quite. Will Liam finally worked up enough courage to tell her how he really feels...but Is it too late?


1. What Are These Sounds?

I hear beeping. I try to move but I can't. All of a sudden, my eyes open, but this time they are not my own. I see myself lying on the hospital bed, I move my green eyes around the room. I see my best guy friend (Liam) crying. What was happening?! Was I dead? No I couldn't be. I move my ghostly figure next to Liam. I brush my tan skin against his face. A door opens I turn to them and its Olivia, my best girl friend walks into the room and sits next to Liam she hugs him and says.

"I know the doctor said she probably might not make it, but, they also said soon she might be able to hear you speak to her"  

"It's hard to do, what would I say?!"

"Just tell her that you love her"

Wait hold up love me? My vision starts to go black, I was going back into a coma.

I hear noices, once agian. This time, I see nothing. Just a field of blackness. I hear someone walk in.

"Ok" It sounds like a women "She should be able to hear you now"

I hear someone walk toward me, I smell colonge. It was Liam! I try to speak but it was like ducktape was over my mouth.

"Hey Sam" I hear him crying. Hearing him cry tore me apart. "This is kind of sudden, but I think I love you" I feel lips come down and kiss my forehead. Strangley I can feel my hands. I try to move them. "What's happening? Nurse!" Liam yells. What the heck was going on?

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