As You Wish

Friends come and go with Emma. But this one is different. When Emma starts developing feelings for him, she pushes it aside because she doesn't want to lose the first real friend.


3. Tour of the School

"Thanks for saving me back there" Connor says leaning up against his locker.

"No problem, just stay away from those girls, there always asking for trouble" I say putting my lunch box in my locker. "Now is art your next hour?

"Yes it is"

"Okay, follow me and I will show you where it is" we walk down the long lit up hallway towards the classroom. "Here it is"

"Thanks for giving me the tour I really appreciate it" he says smiling down at me.

"No problem" I say blushing "My next class is down the hall and to the right of you need anything! I will meet you by your locker after school, see ya" I say turning around and rushing to my next class.

As I walk into choir I see the girls that were flirting with Connor were in my class.

"Hey, Emma what's up?" Kayla asks me in a happy voice.

Since when did she ever talk to me? 

"Your friends with Connor right?"

Oh, so that's why she's talking to me.

"Ua, yeah I guess so.." I pause "Why?"

"Give him this" she shoved a small piece of paper in my hand. "It's my number he forgot it at the lunch table"

Yeah 'forgot' it

"Will do" I say giving her my best fake smile as she turned around and stalked away in her heals going to her circle of friends. I sigh and sit down in a chair that was in the front of the semi oval-shaped room. Other students started to file through the door, one by one. Soon the class was full and the bell rings starting the class. 

"Okay class, I hope you all had a wonderful summer, my name is Mr. Payne and I will be your Choir teacher" 

Mr. Payne looked fairly young. He seemed that he was in his early 20's. He had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was tall and muscular. He reminded me of my older brother Kyle.

"All were going to do today is introduce our selves because I see a lot of new faces, I will start" he gives the class a warm smile. "Okay, my name is John, but you all can call me Mr. Payne. This is my third year teaching and I love to sing, act, play the guitar, basically anything music related...and yeah, that's about it" he pauses. "What about you?" he says referring to a boy sitting in the first chair on the left.


"I'm mike and I'm a sophomore and I love to sing as well..and yeah" 

Personalty, I don't like it when teachers do this...its extremely awkward...Soon enough it was my turn. 

"Hi, I'm Emma. I love to play the guitar and piano and I'm a freshman this year...and yeah that's about it".  

About 17 more kids go and that takes up most of class. The bell rings dismissing me to math.



Sorry I took so long to update!!! Like really long.....If you live in another country and you're confused about the grading system I have it all below:P

High school grades 9-12

Grade 9 - Freshman (ages 14-15)

Grade 10- Sophomore (ages 15-16)

Grade 11- Junior (ages 16-17)

Grade 12- Senior (ages 17-18) 


I know its different in some if you were confused I hope this helps you out:P

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