As You Wish

Friends come and go with Emma. But this one is different. When Emma starts developing feelings for him, she pushes it aside because she doesn't want to lose the first real friend.


2. Science

I sit down next to Connor as our teacher starts attendance. She goes down the list.


"Here" a voice sounds in the corner.






"Here" she continues to go down the list, a while later my name is called out.


"Here" I say raising my hand.

"Ok, and Connor"

"Here" he says raising his hand and lowering it again.

"Ok looks like everyone is here"

I barley paid any attention to the lesson, which is big to me. I kept thinking about him...Connor,  he might be my very first best friend. I don't know what it's like to have a best friend, the late night talks, having someone to talk to.

"Emma? Emma?" I snap out of my daydream to see Connor franticly shaking my shoulder. "Oh sorry" he says in his cute Irish accent.

I giggle to my self "Don't worry about it" I now notice everyone in the class room is gone....I start to speak but he interrupts me.

"There at lunch..that's why I was waking you" 

"Thanks" I laugh to myself once again. "One thing you should know about me is that...I can eat A LOT, I have a really fast metabolism, that's why"

This time it was his turn to laugh "Don't worry I do too" we both sit up heading to the Outdoor Cafeteria.

Once we bought our lunch I start to head off to the empty table in the corner. Soon I see a figure sit down next to me it was Connor.

"What ya doing over here all by your self? Why don't you sit with your friends?"

"I don't really have any friends" I say looking down, poking at my salad with my fork.

There was a silence between us for a brief moment the he reply with this "Now you've got one" I look up to see Connor warmly smiling at me.

"Well lets toast to our friendship" He jokes trying to mimic an American accent.  I start to laugh...."Wasn't even close was I?"

 "Not at all!" I tease "You sounded like an constipated English man" this time we both laugh.

As our laughter dies down we start talking about random things. He's so easy to talk to. It's so nice to have someone like that in your every day life.

"So, would you like to come over to night with your parents? You know, like a welcoming party for you guys just moving here from Ireland?"

"That sounds nice" he replies taking a sip from his water. That's when I see a group of girls coming over to our table.

"Emma? Who's your friend?" they say smiling sitting next to Connor, completely ignoring me.

I roll my eyes as they start to flirt with him. I see him looking over at me with a look like 'Help me' I smile back, I decide to save him, "Well we have to go" I say standing up grabbing my lunch tray and setting it on the stack behind me. "I have to finish giving him a tour of the school, so we'll see you later"  motioning him to follow me. Thankfully he sees me do so and follows.








Hey, Emily here again:3 hop you enjoyed this update...longer chapters will be coming soon...I PROMICE:)


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