As You Wish

Friends come and go with Emma. But this one is different. When Emma starts developing feelings for him, she pushes it aside because she doesn't want to lose the first real friend.


1. School

I open the double doors to the horrible place they call school. Hi, I'm Emma. I have no friends, but at least I'm not bullied. It's September 9th and it's my first day of high school. Hoping this year will be different, I updated my wardrobe, to the point where it's still my style. I was wearing dark wash skinny jeans with a dark purple shirt with an owl necklace. I have a little longer than shoulder length curly brown  hair with hazel eyes. My mom told me when I was younger I had the bluest eyes she had ever seen, but now their a bluish gray, and green at night. I walk sleepishly to my locker and grab out my text books for science. I turn around and run into someone, knocking both our books to the ground.

"I'm so sorry" I utter.

"Don't sweat it" I hear an Irish accent. I smile. "Looks like we have the same class" He says holding up my science book.

"Would you look at that? Anyway I'm Emma" I say smiling.

"Nice to meet you" He says his green eyes shining. "I'm Connor" We started walking towards science class. When we walked into the class room, we picked our seats. Connor and I picked a seat next to each other. 'Maybe this year will be different' I thought to myself. Maybe I will have a real friend this year. Maybe.







Hey, it's Emily here. Sorry for the short chapter, they might be short because were still sorting the movella out...anyways enjoy :)

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