A Flower For You

Perrie has an secret admirer, she has a list of cuties she thinks is the admirer. What she doesn't know, is the admirer is her very own best guy friend, Spencer. Find out how she will react in A Flower For You.


1. They Arrive

Knock Knock Knock

I walk to my new appartment door to answer the door, it was probably Spencer, he comes over almost every day. I open the door to see him standing with flowers.

"What's this?" I say smiling.

"I dunno, they were by your door when I got here." I take the flowers from him and but them in  a vase. I see Spencer is already sitting on my couch getting out a board game. While I started to admire the flowers. Inside the flowers had a note, which reads

'You are the most beautiful girl in the word

From your secret admirer'

I smile, holding the note in my hand. I walk over to where Spencer was sitting, and I sit right next to him. "What's that?" he asks referring to the note in my hand.

"Oh, it just says from your secret admirer"

"That's sweet" he says setting up the board game. Okay, something was up Spencer was not acting like his normal self.

"Let's figure out who sent them!" I say happily.


"Here! we can write the names down"


"I can't wait to find wh-" I was interrupted by Spencer throwing a pillow in my face. 

"A simple 'Shut-up' would have been better" I say sarcastically rolling my eyes. He shrugs still setting up the game board. "Wait are we playing Sorry? You know I'm HORRIBLE at this game!"

"I know" he says winking at me. "That's why I picked it."

I sigh walking into the kitchen to get some popcorn. When I came back Spencer was fast asleep...I'll tell ya, he falls asleep so fast. I roll my eyes again and fill a bucket up with water and grab a towel (because I don't want to ruin my floor) Once I set the towel up and the bucket, I dump the ice cold water in his face. He jumps up, (socked) he looks around and sees me laughing. He comes near me and picks me up by my waist, carrying my on his back out of my new apartment to out side he walks over to the pool holding me over the water.

"Are there any electronics in you pockets? I don't want them to be ruined" I ask

"Don't want them to be ruin-" he starts confused, that's when I pull him into the water along with me.

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