The waitress

Savannah is a normal waitress at a diner in her town until she meets a very special customer.


1. chapter one

Savannahs P.O.V    "You are late again!one more time and youre fired!"Dan screamed at me."Ok it wont happen agian im sorry!"i said.He walked back into his office mumbling to himself.I swear he has anger issues getting mad if we do anything wrong like drop a fry.I cant stand him but i need the money so i have to deal with it.I dont think its bad to be 5 minutes late if there are 3 more waitresses here to work since only a little bit of people  that acutally come here."order 2 is ready"John screamed.I walked up to the counter and grabbed the tray."were you late again?"he asked."yes but i was up late."i said."sugar ran outside didnt she?".he asked sarcasticly."Yes and you know i had to find here!"i said.he nodded and walked back to the kitchen.(sugar is my husky).I picked up the tray and started to walk over to table 2 when someone ran into me."im so sorry love i didnt see you there!"i heard someone say while the boys behind him were laughing.He got up and grabbed my hand then pulled me up."oh um its ok I-"i got cut off as someone screamed."ahhhh one direction!"then the girls started to run towards the building."help us please!"one of the boys said.I grabbed one of their hands and pulled them to the janitors closet in the back when i saw my boss so i ran in and locked it."im so sorry i didnt see you!"one of them said as he looked at my clothes."its ok i couldnt care less about my khaki shorts and shirt right now"i said.he had a little bit of food on him to but mainly soda on his shirt qnd ice cream on his pants."Im Liam"he said holding out his hand."savannah"i said shaking his hand."savannah!"dan screamed from the eating area."fuck it"i mummbled."language missy"someone said in a sassy voice."ya cause im  gonna watch my language when im about to be fired"i said sarcasticly.then my phone rang."hello?"i asked "savannqh were are you?"john asked through the phone."oh im just in a stinky janitors closet  with five complete strqngers covered in food"i said."dan is pissed savannah!"he said."when is he not pissed?"i asked."language the other boy said.i rolled my eyes and covered his mouth with my hand."savannah you better come out!"john whispered."no just tell dqn i quit hes gonna fire me anyway "i said. then i hung up."eww why did you do that?"i asked."well  I always like someones hand when its over my mouth"he said casually as i wiped my hand off."louis!"liam said sternly.i looked at them all for a minute."you all look so fimilair"i said."im liam im zayn im niall im louis and im harry and were one direction!"they said together.i have never haerd those names

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