Death by Love. A Poem.

I am aware this is the name of a Movella I have created in the past, but I wrote this poem years ago. This is about a dog abandoned by their owner.


1. Death by Love. A Poem.

How did I end up here?
We used to run in the fields,
Play with a stick here and there.


Now I'm tied to a fence at the side of the road,
So many cars pass,
I can't keep count but there was a load.


I've sat here for days,
It's the end of June,
I've been here since the end of May.


There is no fur on my back,
But I know deep down in my heart,
I know you'll come back.


As the sun starts to shine,
I take my last look at this Earth,
This is when I shut my eyes for the last time.

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