Does love last forever?

A girl named abby was best friends with Louis Tomlinson, But when they meet again will Louis still remember her?


1. Could it be?

Abbys POV

Today was just anothher boring old day at High School. I took my seat in home room and waited for class to start. 3 people walked in. My teacher, Mrs Lovejoy, My school Principal, Mr Howard and a very familiar face. Most people would know him from his boyband but I know him from kindergarten. It was Louis Tomlinson.

We used to be best friends until he auditioned for thhe X Factor and started touring the world. Mr Howard introduced him to the class and sat him in the spare seat next to me. Mrs Lovejoy then announced that I would have to show him around since we were in all of the same classes.

All of the girls were sitting through the whole class drooling over him. It was disgusting. At least he didn't look back?

I knew he probably wouldn't remember me. He didn't even say goodbye so why would he remember me? The class had finished and we started to walk to our next class. On the way I was asking a lot of questions about his life before the X Factor hoping he would remember me. He didn't.

I felt a tear run down my cheek. I quickly ran away from Louis. He didn't know why I was crying. He tried running after me but I had already jumped in my car and drove away.

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