Harry's Princess

Sometimes you put everything you have into one thing, one thing that you believe will make you happy. And when you finally get that one perfect thing, that you’ve always wanted you realise something is missing, something you can’t quite put your finger on.
When that missing something comes along it takes you by surprise, and it can sweep you off your feet into an unknown world of happiness and contentment


2. Harry's p.o.v

Louis looked at me strangly. "Helloooo... Harry!" said Louis waving a hand infront of my face "Harry!" bellowing Zayn raising his husky voice. "YES!" I replied very flusterd (I was only looking at Abagail), "So this Abagail girl, She's the one you fancy right?" Louis questioned. "Errrrmm... Yeahh. Yeahh shes gorgeous. She's been friends with my sister since I was 14." said Harry.

"And shes how old?"

"She'd be...t-twenty this year..."

"Have you kissed her?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "No theres a catch Lou."


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