Little Things

Sometimes in life a girl only cares about the little things but not when Harry enters her world.


1. Beggining..........

I have been dating Harry Styles for about a year now and I love him to pieces, He is not only every girl could dream for but he is my bestfriend.... my soul mate. We have been through thick and thin together. Sometimes we argue but thats what good couples do, right? Well anyway we always come back to each other in the worst but in others Harry will take the blame. I don't love harry for One Direction. I love him because he is Harry, the cheacky british boy who I fell for instintaneously. Here, let me tell you our story. We met in a little coffee shop downtown and I bumbed into harry by accident and stained his shirt and probably burned him half to death with my coffee but he could'nt stop smiling down at me. I apologized over and over but he was speachless until I finally had to ask him, what? He told me how beautiful I was and that we should sit down and get to know each other better. Of course I knew who the young lad was...... Harry Styles. I think he was a bit shocked when I didn't act like one of his fans. I was the complete oposite, I was being me and he was himself no exeptions. I had nothing to hide. But now since we have been dating he has shown me life from his prospective but let me have a go and show you mine.

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