Your Forever Is All That I Need

Quick little drabble, just to remind you guys that I am still here. And it's not Marianas stuff for a change, though I did base it off of an album cover. Muahaha. I do what I want. Also the title's from one of the songs on said album. Anyway, enjoy!


1. You Are What My Dreams Are Made Of.


“Where are we going?” She said, grabbing her leather jacket and keys. He took her hand and led her out of the door.

“I’ll tell you when we get there, okay?” He murmured in her ear, pushing the button on his key fob that unlocked the door. And in true date fashion, he opened the passenger seat door for her before walking to the driver’s side.

“You know I hate surprises.”

“Only the bad ones, babe. You’ll like this one. I promise.”


The drive was long, but they occupied themselves with their favourite CDs being constantly played in the car’s player, and simple conversations about anything and everything. She checked the time on the dashboard.

“It’s six-thirty, babe. Everywhere’s gonna be shut.” He leaned across and took her hand, leaving one hand on the steering wheel. He chuckled lightly.

“Good thing where we’re going doesn’t have a closing time, huh?”

She stared up at him, a disbelieving look plastered over her face. “You’re not taking me to a woods or something? I’ll ruin my sho-o-oes!” She dragged out the last word for emphasis, and tapped her heels together ‘Dorothy style’, leaving him only to laugh harder.

“Nice to know you care about your shoes more than me.”

“Oh shush, you know I was joking.”

“I know.”

She leant back in the car seat, watching the streets dash past as the wind ruffled her long hair. She’d told him not to buy the convertible car, to stick with the standard one because it was smarter and more durable, but now she was glad he didn’t listen. She loved the feel of the breeze rushing past her face. She let her eyes flicker shut, basking in the warm summer heat.

He glanced over at her. This was when he loved her most; completely regardless of her surroundings, content where she was. She was perfect, and to this day he never worked out how she came to be with him.

Soon enough it was evident she’d fallen asleep, so he slowed the car a little, driving more carefully. He turned the volume of the radio down, mouthing the lyrics rather than singing them. They were nearly at the destination, so he’d have to wake her soon.


He turned one last corner and parked up, untying his seatbelt and leaning over to her.

“Babe, we’re here.” He murmured, stroking the side of her face to wake her up. She did so, her eyes opening and searching hazily for his face.

“Where are we?”


She sat up, and gasped when she saw where she was. They were parked on one of the hills at the back of the city, overlooking all the buildings. The sky shone pink with the setting sun and all the buildings had just begun to switch on their lights. It was a clear sight, you could practically read the numberplates of the cars rushing past far below. It was breathtaking to see the city like that, peaceful and quiet. All they could hear was the wind rustling the trees behind them, and the occasional car horn. Street music was playing from somewhere loudly, and he drummed his fingers to the beat. She leant into his arms, curling her fingers around the fabric of his jacket. He grinned down at her.

“Was this worth it?” He whispered. “I know how you don’t like surprises, but I thought it’d be pretty.”

“It’s perfect." She muttered back.

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