They Don't Know About us((One Direction Fan Faction))

Louis's sister wants to date either Zayn or Niall but Louis won't let them date and they go behind his back and date each other anyways


4. Trusting Niall

~Louis' P.O.V~


There's no way that I'm letting my little sister go to Nando's with Niall.After finding out that she's going with him,made me upset.I sighed deeply and looked at her."You can go with him this Friday but that's the only time your going onto a date with any of my best friends."I told her truthfully.

Ally nodded."Okay sounds good to me."She told me.

I knew she was lying but I wasn't going to upfront her now.I smiled a fake smile towards her and hugged her a little before leaving her room.I went downstairs where Niall was sitting in the Lazy Boy with a huge grin on his face.

"Niall,may I talk to you,please?"I asked him,looking at him."In the kitchen?"I added.

Niall nodded and got up and walked into the kitchen with me."What's up,man?"He asked.

"I found out about you and my sister."I said."This is the only date you two are going on.No ifs ands or buts."I told him.

Niall nodded,looking upset."Okay,Lou."He said.He smiled a fake smile towards me.The reason why I know it's fake is because he can't go on anymore dates with my sister.

"One thing,please make sure she's safe.And don't do anything bad to hurt her in anyway.I'm trusting you on this,Niall."I quickly said.

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