They Don't Know About us((One Direction Fan Faction))

Louis's sister wants to date either Zayn or Niall but Louis won't let them date and they go behind his back and date each other anyways


6. Nando's

Niall's POV

It took us about thiry minutes to get to Nando's and man was i starving!

But Ally here looks amazing.The outfit she wore,the way she did her hair.Everything.She was amazing.

Once we got inside of Nando's,we went to our sits and the waitress gave us menus.We smiled and we looked at the menus.

Ally looked up at me and smiled."Hey,Niall.Can we share the pizza here?"She asked smiling.

I nodded."Whatever the lady likes then yea."I said smiling brightly.God,she looked beautiful.

Once we placed the order,we waited for the the pizza.

"So Ally,tell me about yourself." 

Ally smiled."Well I just finished school.I was going to school for music and art."She said smiling."And of course,I'm Louis' little sister.And I love singing and dancing and reading."She told him smiling.

As she talked,I was smiling and nodding,listening to her beautiful voice speak.I seen that she's been getting a little pink color on her cheeks and that made me smiled even more.

After our pizza got here.We both grabbed a slice of it.We smiled still and took a bite.

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