They Don't Know About us((One Direction Fan Faction))

Louis's sister wants to date either Zayn or Niall but Louis won't let them date and they go behind his back and date each other anyways


2. Meeting Louis' sister

"Louis!" Screamed my sister Ally, as she pulled me into a hug.

"Hey Ally" I said huggin her back. "How have you been?"

"Great, I just graduated college last week."

"How was that? Sorry I didnt go."

"It was great! Oh that doesnt matter, what matters is spending time with you."


Ally and I walked to the living room, and of course the boys being wrapped up in what they were doing they didnt even notice the door bell rang. Niall was sitting at the kitchen table eating yet again, and when he looked up he dropped what ever he was eating on the table.

"Niall close your mouth" I said playfully.

Niall closed his mouth and walked towards us. He looked like he saw something that he has never seen before. I waved my hand in front of his face but he gave no reaction, he walked up to Ally and grabbed her hand.

"Hi Im Niall" He said with a small smile.

"Hi Niall, Im Ally" She said, shaking his hand.

I looked from Niall to Ally, they kept looking at each other like they were looking at something they couldnt believe was there. I seperated their hands before they got stuck to each other and pulled Ally over to meet the rest of the boys. Zayn was the first one to look up, not this again. Zayn got up and reached for Ally's hand.

"Im Zayn" He said.

"Ally" She replied.

Niall was sitting at the kitchen table watching Zayn the way he looks at me when i take his food, But Ally isnt food. I looked at Zayn and then at Ally, no way is she dating anyone of them. There my best friends, but shes my sister; I dont think i could let them date her.

"Louis, is everything alright?" ally asked.

"What, oh yeah" I said." Harry,Liam come meet my sister."

"Hey" They said not taking thier eyes of the game.

"Hi" Ally said.

"Guys can you please pause the game and really meet my sister."

They paused the game and looked at Ally" Hi" they said and went back to the game. Why didnt they stare at her like Zayn and Niall did?  Weird.

Ally sat down in the Lazy boy chair, and looked at the Harry and Liam.They have been playing for five hours already, non-stop. What was so good about that game, all you did was compete with each other.I started getting bored so i asked Ally how everything was during college.

"Ally how was college?" I asked.

"It was great, they showed me new and amazing things" she said, excitably.

"Thats great."

"At first i didnt like it but it was actually amazing."

"Oh cool."

"What were you majored in?" Niall asked.

"Theater, Ive always wanted to be in the acting buisness."

"Thats amazing!" Zayn yelled.

"Haha yeah" Ally replied. "Umm Louis, im hungry"

"Oh, Ill get you something!" Niall exclaimed.

"Thank you. Ally said. To me she said "They are so helpful."

"They're not usually this helpful, many  it's because  your here" I replied.



Niall got her a plate of sandwiches and some chips. Ally wasn't going to eat it all and of course Niall knew that, he grabbed a chair and sat next to her. He grabbed one of the sandwiches and ate it, Ally looked at him as he scarfed it down.

"You know im kind a sleepy maybe I should go to bed, I had a really long day" Ally said while putting the plate down.

"Ok Ally"I got up and walks  her to the guest room.

"Way to go Niall." I heard Zayn say, following it with a hit. Poor Niall, he doesn't get to eat with Ally and he gets h smacked.

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