They Don't Know About us((One Direction Fan Faction))

Louis's sister wants to date either Zayn or Niall but Louis won't let them date and they go behind his back and date each other anyways


5. Getting ready

Louis POV

"Ally you better hurry up,Niall is getting hungry" I yelled from down stairs.

"Im going!" she replied back.

I walked to the living room and notice a tension  in the room. Zayn looked at Niall with a death glare, what was his problem?"

"Zayn, you alright?" I asked.

"Yea im fine" he replied rudly.

"You sure?"

" I said im fine!" he yelled, and stormed of up stairs.

"Ok then."

Ally POV

what to wear, what to wear? why didnt i bring any cute clothes?

"Ally you better hurry up, Niall is getting hungry" Louis said from down stairs.

"Im going!" I yelled back.

Maybe i should go with this blue dress? or how about pants?

i decided to go with shorts and a plain white tank top. Will this be good to wear at Nando's, ive never actually been there.

I heard a knock at the door, that better not be Louis.

" Come on!" i yelled.

" Hey Ally, can i talk to you?" Zayn asked.


"Yeah, that fine" i replied.

"Its about you and Niall"

"About about us?"

"Are yall dating?"


"Are yall dating?"

why would he think that?

"No, i just meet him. Why?"

"Just wondering." and with that he left.

That was weird. After Zayn left I grabbed my cell phone and slipped into my sandals. i walked down stairs to see a hungry Niall, that crazy boy i laughed. He looked so adorable, looking at the food commmercial and drooling over it.

"Niall im ready" I said.

"Yay, bye guys!" he yelled.

"Have fun!" Louis said.

We walked out of the door and got into the car, off we go!

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