They Don't Know About us((One Direction Fan Faction))

Louis's sister wants to date either Zayn or Niall but Louis won't let them date and they go behind his back and date each other anyways


1. Waking up the boys

"Guys get up,my sister will be here soon!" I said, hitting pans againts each other as I walked by each of thier rooms.

"Louis' it's five in the morning" Harry groaned, putting the blankets over his head.

"I want every single one of you to meet her the minute she walks in" I exclaimed. "Now get up."

The guys still weren't getting up, so I had to do something that will not only fully wake them up but that will also get them out of bed in a flash. I walked out of Harrys room and went straight to the kitchen, I grabbed four small buckets from under the sink and filled them with ice cold water. Harry was my first victim, I walked to his room and kept the light off so he wouldn't see it coming. I tiptoed to his bed and poured the bucket of water on him. I covered his mouth so he wouldn't wake the others up with his scream.

"What was that for?" He asked the minute I took my hand of his mouth.

"Well I had to do something that will get you to wake up" I started laughing.

He didnt think it was funny, but when I told him about doing it to the others he thought it would be amazing to do. He grabbed a bucket, while I had two, and we walked to our next victim; who we know as Zayn. We quietly walked to his room, and to his bed. Since Harry only had one bucket, he was the one to poor the water on Zayn. I put the buckets down and quickly put my hand over his mouth.

"Mmmm, whatareyoudoing?" he mumbled into my hand. I uncovered his mouth and put a finger over my mouth letting him know to stay quiet.

"What are you doing?" He asked again.

"Waking you up, of course" Harry said with a smile.

"Haha funny" he replied sarcastically.

Harry and I sat on the bed to let Zayn know the plan to wake up the boys. After it being done to him,like Harry, he to was excited to do it to someone else. the water was getting warm, so we refilled them more ice cold water. We walked to Liam's room and did the whole routine again, pouring the water, covering his mouth and letting him know the plan.

Then there was one. We walked to Nialls room to surprise him with a bucket of cold water, but when we walked in we were surprised ourselfs. Niall was sitting on the floor surrounded by food, he was eating in the dark at six in the morning! I turned the light on to fully see how much food he had.

"Niall how long have you been up?" I asked putting the bucket down.

"Since you have" he said smiling.

"Since I have?" I asked.

Instead of giving me an answer he gets up to stand next to me. He looks at the boys and then at the bucket on the floor. Oh I see where he's going with this, i tried running out of the door but Zayn caught me and had me wrapped in his arms. Harry grabbed the bucket and poured the cold water on my head,and on Zayn.

"I got up and saw what you did to Harry so I stayed up so I wouldnt get splashed with cold water" Niall said.

"Then why did you pour the water on me?" I asked, taking my shirt off.

"I knew the boys want to get you back, so I thought i would help them out."

"Good thinking. Now that we are up, lets get ready before my sister comes."

I went to my room to get into some dry clothes. I came out of my room to find the boys sitting on the sofa playing video games, and of course I went over there to join them. What else am I going to do while I wait for my sister?

We played video games for about an hour before my sister got here. The door bell rang like crazy, ring after ring after ring. I got up,ran down the hall and opened the door, there stood my all ready grown up baby sister.

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