Old Friends

Molly lives in Florida with her best friend of 3 years Summer, but Summer wasn't always her best friend. When she meets a famous person whom she used to be best best friends with that totally forgot about her, what will she do?


1. Worst Present Ever

“Happy birthday Molly!!!” Molly’s parents said, waking her from her amazing dream. Today she was turning 18.
“Thanks.” she said still tired. She rubbed her eyes as she slowly sat up, “Did you make this for me?” she asked looking at the mini cake that said ‘Happy B-Day Molly’.
“Yup!” her mom said, “Summer thought I bought it.” her mom said referring to Molly’s best friend. Molly had met Summer when she was 15, Summer had just moved in next door. The people that lived there before had moved back to London after 17 years. They had moved there before Molly was born because they had always wanted to live in America. Then after two years they had a son. He was one month older than Molly. Jay was his name, and before Summer, they had been best friends. Jay, Molly frowned at the thought of her old best friend. She quickly returned her smile.                                                                                            
“Summer is here?” she screamed happily. Her mom nodded and she ran down stairs. She gasped in happiness as she saw Summer.  “Hi!” she screamed as she ran to hug her.

“Hi!” Summer laughed back, “Happy birthday!” she said.

“Thanks!” Molly said, also laughing. It was Saturday, so they didn’t have school.  

“Ok, I have your present!” her mom said handing her the small box.

“Oh! Open mine first!” Summer said taking the small box and replacing it with a medium sized bag. Molly took out the tissue paper and covered her mouth.

“Oh my God! These are awesome headphones!” she screamed hugging Summer.

“I’ve seen yours. Can I get an ‘out of date’?” Summer said, then she started laughing at her own joke.

“Ok, ok. Now mine and your dad’s.” her mother said. Molly took the box back and looked at Summer, “It’s kind of for Summer too.”

“Yay!” both girls screamed at the same time. Molly opened it up and looked at two tickets to the biggest boy band of this era, Replay. Replay is made up of three 18 year old boys, Peter, Jesse, and Jay. The Jay she used to hang out with every day. No one but her mom, dad, and him, and his mom and dad knew she was best friends with a “Sex God” as people called him. Everyone had thought her and Jay were weirdos and once Jay became famous they took it back, but they still thought Molly was weird. They didn’t remember that she had been his best friend. Neither did he. Molly didn’t want to think of that anymore. She looked up at her mom, “You know we don’t like them!” she said trying to control her anger. She hated Jay for forgetting her. Yes he had become famous but she was his best friend.

“Umm, Molly? Your mom told me that she was getting this and I was annoyed too, but I listened to their music and to be honest they weren’t that bad. Plus, because we can go to the meet and greet, we could sell their autographs online! Plus I researched the boys and Jay is super hot! He’s apparently the flirt too! So umm, I call dibs! You can have Jesse! He’s cute and he’s British! Well they are all British but Jay was born in America!” Molly couldn’t believe what Summer had just said. This could not be happening!

“Wow, umm, sure. Yah I’ll go I guess.” Molly said still stunned.

“Yay! Well I need to go, we’re gonna go visit my grandma.” Summer said. She hugged Molly with a huge smile and left.

“Molly it’s going to be fun.” her mom said when Molly started heading back up stairs.

“Yah sure. What do you think is going to happen? I’m going to make nice with Jay Davis? No it doesn’t work that way! He ditched me! Completely forgot about me!” she felt tears filling her eyes, she tried blinking them back without success, “I’m only going to go because they brainwashed her and SHE is my best friend.” and with that she stomped up the stairs and fell into her chair to do homework.


“Come on Jesse!” Jay screamed.

“Oh my God why are you such a girl when we have to get ready?” Jesse’s brother Peter yelled. They had to get on a plane and fly to Austin, Texas for their last show on their tour and Jesse takes forever to get ready.

“Sorry! Ok I’m ready.” Jesse said as he finally stepped out of the bathroom of their hotel. Their bodyguard came out and led them to the car.  “Look at that one.” Jesse whispered to Jay, he was looking at one of the screaming girls as he talked.

“Nice.” Jay whispered back smiling and laughing, “Peter look.” he nudged Peter and he snickered.

“I’ve seen better.” and with that he got in the car, then Jesse. Before he got in the car Jay winked at the screaming girl.

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