Old Friends

Molly lives in Florida with her best friend of 3 years Summer, but Summer wasn't always her best friend. When she meets a famous person whom she used to be best best friends with that totally forgot about her, what will she do?


5. Time for Some Fun... Or Not

(A/N): Sorry this chapter is really short!!!!! Next one will be longer!


The concert was just about to start and the boys were talking, “No but 5th row seat 50 is way hotter!” Peter insisted, laughing. Jay shook his head in disagreement. He had said that the girl in the 2nd row in seat 45 was hott, Peter disagreed.

“I agree with Peter.” Jesse said as Peter did a little ‘I’m right’ dance. Jay laughed at him.

“You guys are brothers! Of course you side with each other!” Jay shouted, Peter and Jesse laughed a little and shook it off. Jay peeked around the curtain once more before going to do last touches on makeup.


“OH MY GOSH, THIS IS AWESOME!” Summer yelled to Molly who was a little scared of all the screaming girls. Some holding random objects to throw on stage.

“Yah,” Molly said, then added under her breath, “So fun, gonna see that jerk again.” then she turned to make sure Summer hadn’t heard, but Summer was too busy screaming for Replay to come on stage. She’s one of them now, oh God she’s one of those crazy fangirls, Molly thought. She was so worried, Jay was probably going to see them from the stage. Just have to not scream or jump or attract attention. The intro to a song started and the boys came out clapping to the beat. The loud screams got impossibly louder.

“Are you ready, Austin?” Jesse screamed at the roaring crowd.

“I can’t hear you!” Peter screamed coming up next to Jesse.

“Ok boys I think it’s a yes!” Jay said laughing, he then started singing one of their upbeat, fast paced, dance songs. They all smiled at the girls. Molly tried to stay down, but Summer looked at her, her brown eyes looked like they wanted to apologize. Molly didn’t want her to feel bad so she started jumping up and down, smiling at her. Summer smiled back, and started jumping and screaming again. Molly looked back at the stage, her eyes went instantly wide. Jay was looking right at her.


Jay was singing, laughing at the other boys, and waving to the girls. He looked at all the girls jumping, and screaming. Until he found two who weren’t they looked at each other until the one on the left started jumping a little, the one on the right smiled and started acting like all the other girls. The one on the left looked at the stage and her eyes went wide, he thought it was a normal reaction. Then he realized who it was.



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