Old Friends

Molly lives in Florida with her best friend of 3 years Summer, but Summer wasn't always her best friend. When she meets a famous person whom she used to be best best friends with that totally forgot about her, what will she do?


3. Please Don't Let Tomorrow Come

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this is going to happen!” Summer screamed. Molly didn’t have a reply. She didn’t want to ruin this for Summer. No matter how much she hates Jay her friend wants this, and she didn’t want to be the one to ruin the friendship. “Thanks for going with me even though, you know.” Summer said with an apologetic look.

         “It’s ok. Really it’s fine.” Molly said, but she was really just trying to convince herself. It’s too hard to think about everyone and everything, so once the people stop talking about safety and we start to take off she tells Summer, “I’m going to go to sleep.” fake yawn for affect.

         “Ok.” Summer said, “Me too.” she rested her head on her seat. It was bound to be a long trip for them both. Molly trying to tell herself it was going to be fine and trying to think of a way she could avoid the meet and greet. Summer thinking about how she could get Replay to notice her, and thinking about meeting them at the meet and greet.


         “Tomorrow is the big day!” Replay’s manager yelled.  

         “Then it’s like summer vacation!” Peter said happily. They were all psyched for their year off before they have to start recording their new album. They loved being on stage, but everyone loved vacation sometimes.

         “Yes, but remember after a year of vacation you are going to have to be ready to record and go back to work. Ok?” she had a stern look on her face, one she has that says ‘I mean it, you better not screw up’, and that was one none of the boys want to argue with.

         “Yes. We understand we would just like a little time off, as I’m sure you do too?” Jay said, but everything just sounded like a question.

         “Quite. Ok boys, please go rehearse.” She replied as she started walking away, the room was pretty quiet so they could hear the click of her heals on the concrete under them. The boys walk on the stage, heads facing down for dramatic effect, and when the loud pop music came on their heads snapped up to sing the first five words. Jay had his mind on other things though.

         Maybe if I called her she would come to one of our shows, maybe just talk to me or meet with me. No Jay she hates you. You missed your time. But maybe I could- No! She doesn’t want to talk to you!

         This went through Jay’s head a lot when this song was on, or when he was with his girlfriend. They had recently broken up though. He wanted someone he couldn’t have. The worst part was he had a chance to have her, and lost it.


         “Welcome to Austin, Texas! We hope you have a wonderful time, please take us to your next destination!” the cheery flight attendants spoke loud and clear through the microphone.

         “We’re -yawn- here.” Summer said stretching. In the chair next to her, Molly did the same.

         “Yup.” Molly agreed as they got their overhead suitcases. The airport was full of people when they got off the plane. “Wow.” She said.

         “You said it.” Summer said, shaking her head slowly while looking around, in agreement.

         “Summer?” a man with a blue blazer and tan khakis, yelled out waving.

         “Uncle Sam!” Summer grabbed Molly by the arm and yanked her towards ‘Uncle Sam’.

            “Hey! So this must be Molly.” Uncle Sam reaches out to shake Molly’s hand, “I’m Summer’s uncle. The person you’ll be staying with.” Molly hesitantly reaches out and shakes Sam’s hand.

         “Hello. I didn’t know she had family out here.” Molly said.

         “Well she does, and we didn’t want to make you guys pay for a hotel!” Sam laughed a little then took the girl’s bags. 

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