Old Friends

Molly lives in Florida with her best friend of 3 years Summer, but Summer wasn't always her best friend. When she meets a famous person whom she used to be best best friends with that totally forgot about her, what will she do?


2. Bad Dream

“Wow.” Molly finally managed to say.
“Yah, I know, I can’t believe they’re making me move back! I grew up here!” Jay started to scream. They were at a local park, the fact that Jay had to move back to London was like Molly’s worst nightmare. She would be alone at school, Jay was her only friend.
“At least you can, like, maybe try out on that show. You have always wanted to sing. What’s the show called again? XFactor! You could do that. Something you couldn’t do here.” she whispered the last part, she didn’t want to make him happy about leaving, she wanted him to stay.
“I guess. It’s just that, I, umm,” he looked at her then at the ground, was he going to say what she thought? Did he maybe want to be more than friends? He kept looking at the ground, “I, well-” but he was cut off by his mom.
“There you are! We need to go before we miss the flight! Molly, hun, your mom is looking for you.” she then looked back at her son, “Come on!” and he left.

“Please leave a message! Beeeeep!” Jay’s voice mail beeped and Molly started to leave a message.
“Hey! I just saw the final show! CONGRATS!!!!! AHHHHH I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WON! Well I can believe it because you’re amazing, but yay!” she hung up and waited for a call back. She finally went to bed at 10:00pm. He’ll probably call or text tomorrow, she thought as she drifted to sleep.
She woke up from a dream she has had many times, the one about Jay. When he left, how it went down, everything down to when she called and never got a reply. This dream was frequent after he left. It started to go away when she became friends with Summer, but now thanks to her mom there it was again. Molly turned on her stereo, music always helped her mind. Believe by Justin Beiber started, a song she loved. “If you didn’t believe!” she sang as she stood up to get dressed. By the time she got dressed Dream Us by Replay came on.
“Just dream us baby! Dream us baby! Dream us and I’ll be there!” her stereo blared. She bought this song when she missed him, instead of now, when she hates him. She skipped the song just as Jay’s solo came on. Of course their cover of Baby by JB was on. SMASH! Her stereo landed on the ground, her IPod landing on a nearby blanket. Ugh why did I do that? My IPod could have broke! She thought to herself. She bent down and got her IPod.
The milk she drank as she watched Friends tasted sour. “Mom! We need new milk!” she screamed from the couch. She brought her plate and glass to the sink.
“Why can’t we be together? Wh-wh-why not hun? Ohhhhhh ohhhh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ba-ba-babe your miiiiiiine!” The guitar solo from Why by Replay came from down stairs. Summer came up the stairs head, and hips swinging to the music. The song ended and Summer paused her play list, “Hey! Omg I love their music! Why didn’t we like them?” Summer asked.
“Well if I’m remembering it was because all those freaking crazy chicks are obsessed and it’s stupid, and we didn’t want to be like them over some stupid boy band. Also that was the first thing we bonded over, we both hated Replay! Now you’re like one of them!” Molly said a little harsh, she laughed to take away some of the rudeness. She loved Summer, but the fact is that Jay was the reason she couldn’t sleep well for a year. The reason when she did finally drift off to sleep she was crying.
“I’m sorry, but those are amazing songs! I love their one slow song, Dream Us! UGH it’s so amazing!” Summer said then decided to add, “I’m sorry, you don’t like them. I won’t talk about them in front of you! How ‘bout that?” Summer asked excited to make her best friend happy. She didn’t like being the reason Molly was upset. She was supposed to help her through stress, not make it.
“If you can I would love it. I’m sorry it’s just, ugh never mind.”  Molly said putting her dishes in the dishwasher.
“Tell me!” Summer said, but it was just too complicated. Plus if she told Summer she might say they don’t have to go when she really really wants too.
“No. It’s too complicated.” Molly turned to Summer, her Brown eyes trying to pull the problem out. It wasn’t working, Molly wouldn’t break, “What do you wanna do today?” she asked as if nothing had happened.

“I don’t know.” Summer sighed giving up on the subject.

“When is the concert?” Molly asked.

“Tuesday. We leave Monday because it’s in Austin, Texas. Hope you dont mind missing school.”

“Not at all.” Molly said with a smile, but on the inside she felt like she was jumping into a pool of concrete.


“Dream uuuuuuuusss!” Jay finished and the music ended. Jay looked at Jesse.

“Awesome Jay! Two more days until the show! Then...”

“A long needed vacation!” Peter finished for his brother Jesse. They were done practicing for the day, and Jay could not wait to get home.

“You guys have anything to do tonight? We could throw a little party.” Jay said while moving his shoulders up and down like he was dancing.

“Haha, I’m in!” said Jesse.

“Awesome! Peter?” Jay asked.

“Nah. I think I’m going to go sleep.” Peter said, never really been one for parties. Though he does go sometimes. Just depending on stuff.

“K bro.” Jay said as he started walking away.

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