Some call it the city of light and others the city of love. After going there I know it's like no other place in the world. There is a special feeling associated with it. The feeling of "Paris". It's a feeling you can't describe but, it's a little like being in love. This is a travel writing piece on Paris that i hope will capture some of that feeling for you.


2. Neighborhoods- Montmartre

Imagine the roofs and chimneys of the most beautiful apartments against the blue sky. Then follow you eyes down to the trees, elegant black street lights of another era, and classic street signs of green and blue. Look further down and your met with joyous people walking and artists painting them as they do, cafe and store fronts, and the smallest cars you've ever seen trying to squeeze into even tinier streets. Then finally let your eyes hit the cobblestone streets filled with only the most stylish pairs of shoes. Now take a deep breath and smell the  fresh summer air, along with the baguettes and pastries just put out, mix that with the faint smell of an old man's chicory pipe. Now listen to the laughter of children, the music from the street performers, the applause from their audience and the sound of shoes against stone. Finally feel the presence of everyone around you and the summer breeze through your hair. Put that all together and you have one moment in Montmartre. Picture that 60 times, each differently, and you have a minute in Montmartre.

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