Some call it the city of light and others the city of love. After going there I know it's like no other place in the world. There is a special feeling associated with it. The feeling of "Paris". It's a feeling you can't describe but, it's a little like being in love. This is a travel writing piece on Paris that i hope will capture some of that feeling for you.


3. Food

Paris has great food I'm sure you've heard. They have many fancy dishes I can't pronounce, but I was too afraid to try them. What I ended up eating was the same things I do at home but better. At home soup is from a can. In Paris I had Onion soup. I love French onion soup, but nothing in America can compare. The soup in Paris was so flavorful and the cheese on top was incredible. On the side I got a chunk of beautiful bread. Yes, beautiful bread. The most ascetically pleasing piece of bread ever with a taste to match. And the setting. I ate in a stone cafe with a view of a cathedral. And our waiter was in a tux with the stereotypical accent and mustache, and the biggest smile ever. 

The best thing in the world (not literally) is probably when someone takes a food you hate and makes it delicious. One food I can't stand is a ham and cheese sandwich. But it was the only thing I could understand on the menu. When it came it was on a freshly baked baguette with fall off the bone ham. And the cheese! I don't know what kind of cheese it was but it was in huge chunks with the rind still on. Colored words stamped on the rind proclaimed the little town in France that it was most likely unique to.  And to top it of the man next to me looked just like Ernest Hemingway and was smoking a pipe while writing in a journal. The cafe itself had seen few tourists and none of the workers spoke English. It was on the cutest street where you could people watch all day and never get bored. And I don't doubt that some people there were doing just that.

One particularly memorable meal was in Montmartre. I got a quiche Lorraine. And I'd love to describe it for you, but it was just too damn good. My brother got a crepe filled with Nutella and banana,  drizzled with more Nutella, and then topped with whipped cream. Heavenly. And finally a platter of cheeses to taste with the obligatory bread. I also ordered a lemonadé. The rim was coated in sugar and thinly sliced lemons were placed decoratively on the side. It was outstanding, Not to sour and not too sweet.

We also stopped at many Patisseries. At the one we got a chocolate pie/cookie/cake/brownie. It was a genuine mix of them all. It was not overly sweet and used dark chocolate. It combined many different textures seamlessly.

Another snack was on a rooftop with a view of all of Paris. It was my first "meal" there and it was three in the afternoon so we had the place to ourselves.  I had cheeses and pastries and fruit. The view was the cherry on top of the feast though.

So there you have it. I didn't eat anything fancy at anyplace fancy, but boy did I eat well. When I can remember everything I ate and how it looked, smelled, and tasted a year and a half later, you know it was good.

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