Some call it the city of light and others the city of love. After going there I know it's like no other place in the world. There is a special feeling associated with it. The feeling of "Paris". It's a feeling you can't describe but, it's a little like being in love. This is a travel writing piece on Paris that i hope will capture some of that feeling for you.


1. Paris as a Whole

Paris. No other city in my mind can evoke so many images in your head. Images of grandeur and of beauty. So you may be shocked at my first impression. After arriving by train, I took the subway underground. At one point we came above to cross a bridge and we had a great view of that famous tower. Then we got off and suddenly I was in Paris. But, the buildings were just slightly beautiful, the people dressed average, and the atmosphere was distant. I turned to my brother and we both had a look of disappointment. We just figured at that point that everyone had been building it up of years and in the process overrated it. We sully walked to our hotel. Later we headed out and got back on the subway. This time when we emerged we were right along the Seine, in the heart of the city. And suddenly, I was in Paris. The one I knew, the Paris of dreams. And it exceeded any expectation I could of had. 

Paris always exceeds expectations because you can never comprehend all that Paris is with out going their yourself. People who have been their understand that every picture ever taken there looks nothing like how it does in real life. Everything is 10 times more beautiful in person. Everything is somehow so different. They know that Paris is more than charming sidewalk cafes, lovely gardens, pretty building, and beautiful people. They know that their is just something about Paris. And that maybe that's all there is too be said. We try to say more but what's the use. There's just something about Paris. So go.

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