I'm dead.

This is a poem about the people who are full of life and never really die. I wrote this a year ago and have decided to enter it into the poetry competition. I was inspired by the emotion grief and a person's unacceptance to death.


1. I'm dead

The ring of the loud vintage telephone,
It's the biggest gossip in town,
What she saying is clear by her tone,
A death, colours black , grey and brown.

Beside myself with the news,
It simply can't be true
How can I be gone and dead
When I'm still here with you

They cry and cry and sob and moan
Grieving that I'm gone
I scream and scream and shout and groan
To let you know , I'm here, not gone , not DEAD!

But you cannot hear me through the thick glass wall ,
If I kick , if I stomp, if I shout
Nothing. I give up , surrender, give in to fate after all,
Now I'm here , now I'm gone , now I'm dead.
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