We Just Wanna Have Fun

Eliza is just a 17 year old girl who's going on her first holiday with her mates, but when she bumps into certain celebrities her whole holiday and life starts changing
tip-Writing in Italic is singing

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1. Hey Peeps!<3

Hey Peeps! Im Eliza Cherry and I'm 17 not to mention so bloody exited!!!!

The reason why is because my best friend Brooke and her boyfriend Cody have invited me to go to Florida with them, i leave in about 3 hours and i'm so nearly packed, i just have to do my hand luggage!!! Now where's my headphones......

The holiday sould be amazing we have passes to go everywhere and anywhere while were there for the 3 weeks, and i heard loads of celebrities are partying there while were over in the US because theve all finished their tours!!

I thought i'd wear this on the flight ~ http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=67591707 because its comfy and i wont get to warm in Florida, oh i almost forgot to tell you that i'm in love with One Direction!

Got to go, Brooke's taking me to hers soon so we can get everything sorted and i have to find my passport, will talk soon. Love<3

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