Obsession 13+

Amy has never rushed into anything. She is always dignified, in the way that she never rushes things. Then she bumps into the school star football jock Eli. Immediately the fall for each other. Only one of Amy's friends know about their love. Will she keep her mouth shut? Or will she spill all about the love obsession between Amy and Eli?

**guys, I really wanted to write a romance without1D in it. But I will keep my promise, and update this one and what fame does to you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
Love to you all, Xx Charlotte<3


1. To start off

Character descriptions

Amy- long blonde curly hair/ elbow length . Light green eyes tannish skin
Eli- dirty light brown messy hair/ dark blue eyes light complexion
Jess- long black very wavy hair/ hip length light brown eyes
Sam- platinum blonde hair, dark brown eyes
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