Obsession 13+

Amy has never rushed into anything. She is always dignified, in the way that she never rushes things. Then she bumps into the school star football jock Eli. Immediately the fall for each other. Only one of Amy's friends know about their love. Will she keep her mouth shut? Or will she spill all about the love obsession between Amy and Eli?

**guys, I really wanted to write a romance without1D in it. But I will keep my promise, and update this one and what fame does to you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
Love to you all, Xx Charlotte<3


4. The party

After school a bunch of screaming girls came up to me and threw me a small envelope. It's was a bright lime green and had my name written on it very neatly. I opened it. 
It read:
It would be awesome if you could come to my party tonight. Sorry I couldn't practice with you and Alex and Sarah at lunch. I promise that if you come to my party i will explain everything. Just please show up. 
If you can't, give me a call. The party is at 6:30
Can't wait! 

I couldn't believe this!  I glanced at my watch. 5:30!!! I had to get home! I would never have enough time to get home if I walked. I bumped into someone. Jess." Hey" I say." Oh my gosh hey! I haven't talked to you in like forever!" It had only been a day of her ignoring me. " I was wondering if you could give me a ride home?" I ask

" I would but Sam is driving me. Let me ask him"

She took out her phone and her thumbs flew over the keyboard. Less than a minute after she sent the text he responded." He says sure!" She said smiling. We meet up with Sam and climb into his huge dark blue pickup truck. 
" hey Amy. So what's the rush to get home?"he asks.

" oh I got invited to Eli's party tonight and it starts in less than an hour."

" we were invited too!!"

So were they like a thing now? It's not like I didn't expect it, Jess goes after like every guy that becomes my friend, but hey, that's just who she is. After they dropped me off I ran inside and put my bag down. I hugged my mom and asked her if I could go to a party. She said sure cause she thought it would be a great opportunity to make new friends. I ran upstairs and pondered at my closet on what to wear. I decided on my light purple thy length flowy strapless dress. I let my blonde hair go free and curly as usual. I glanced at my mascara but shook my head at it. I HATE mascara. It always ends up getting smudged or being absorbed by my eyelashes. I just put on some dark red lip gloss and black heels. I grabbed my small coach handbag that was grey and had purple on it and threw my headphones, gum, extra lip gloss, and sunglasses into it. I picked up a light brown leather jacket and pulled it on. It was my brothers. But he's gone now. You might say he's in a better place. I said goodbye to my mom and my cat Jupiter ( he's black) and walked outside. I was immediately hit by the bright early evening sun and grab my ray bans out of my purse. I pull out the invite and my phone. I dial the number and immediately I hear a voice pick up;
". Hello?"
" hi may I please speak to Eli?"
" this is he. Who is this?"
" Oh sorry Eli, it's Amy from theatre?"
" oh hey! Are you coming?"
" yeah actually I'm in my way now. I might be a little late I'm walking."
" WALKING?! It's super cold outside!! Where are you?" 
" passing berkly  park."
" stay there. I'm coming to pick you up."
He hung up before I could protest. I sat down on a bench and waited for about 20 minutes. When the clock hit 6:20 I got up to start to walk again. Then I saw it. A sky blue Lamborghini. My dream car. It pulled up to the curb and the window rolled down. It was Eli. He smiled," Hop in." I did. 


Chapter 3
When we arrived it was fifteen minutes after the party started.







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