Obsession 13+

Amy has never rushed into anything. She is always dignified, in the way that she never rushes things. Then she bumps into the school star football jock Eli. Immediately the fall for each other. Only one of Amy's friends know about their love. Will she keep her mouth shut? Or will she spill all about the love obsession between Amy and Eli?

**guys, I really wanted to write a romance without1D in it. But I will keep my promise, and update this one and what fame does to you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
Love to you all, Xx Charlotte<3


3. Here goes nothing.

I take a deep breath and walk through the huge wooden doors of Jackman wells high school. And immediately I feel a surge of anxiety. The hallways are so filled with people. And most of them are doing pretty gruesome stuff. I look at my schedule and smile to myself. PE first!! I read the notice posted outside the gym and head out to the field. I put my books down where everyone else had and walked all the way up to the top of the metal bleachers and sat down. I'm starting to think that these 4 years might be the downfall of me. "Amy!" I hear someone yell. I look for the voice. It's my bet friend Jess. " oh my gosh! Don't Tell me you have this class?!" Turns out she did. And even before class started she had become friends with three of the popular kids. OFCouse they loved her. She was Gorgeous! She had long curly dark dark brown hair and brown eyes. She left with then without saying goodbye. Oh well. I check the crumpled paper that was still in my hand for my next class. Math. Math was my golden class. I struggled with it 7th grade but its better now. I sat down in a random seat in the back of the classroom.  The front of the classroom begins to fill up. A boy with light blonde hair and dark brown eyes like Jess' comes and points to the seat next to me. " is this seat taken?" I didn't realize he was talking to me at first. I just shook my head. Oh yeah that's one thing I forgot to mention. I'm kind of shy. The boy smiled, and sat down in the seat. Before the class started, the boy reached out his hand and said his name was Sam. I shook it and responded Amy. We spent the rest of class quietly laughing about Mrs. Leaner's really high pitched voice. We couldn't help it! She sounded like Minnie Mouse on drugs. When the bell rang we checked out each others schedules. We didn't have the next class together yet we had 5th and 6th and the same lunch period. We parted ways promising that whoever arrived to 5 and 6 first would save a seat for the other. My next class was theatre. Mrs. Crosby was the most enthusiastic teacher I think I've ever met.  And unlike all the other classes, we didn't have a boring introduction and seating chart. She gave us our first assignment: we were going to be put in groups to perform William Shakespeare's a midsummers night dream. She had already put each persons name on a Popsicle stick in a plastic cup on her desk. She picked the first four names: "Nicholas, Katie, Stella, and Xavier". "Next group" she said: "Allison, Mason , Gillian, Johnothan. " "Last group: Alexander, Sarah, Amy, and Elijah." " now each group find a place to practice in the room. I knew who Alexander was because he started yelling Eli, Sarah, and my name, Amy. I went to the screaming ginger that stood on the left side of the room. Another girl also ran up alongside a brunette boy. I guess those were Sarah and Eli. We all introduced ourselves to one another and the boy who had introduced himself as Eli smiled when I said my name. Alex insisted on being Lysander, so obviously Eli was Demetrius. Sarah jumped at being  
Helena, just so she could be with Eli. So apparently I was Hermia. I was cool with that. We practiced a little, and before we knew it we had all planned to sit together at lunch. In the cafeteria I found Sam and invited him to come sit with my group from theatre. He agreed. But when we got to the table only Alex and Sarah were there. " hey guys, where's Eli?" Sam sat down next to me across from them. Alex spoke up," he doesn't sit with anyone unless they're super popular." " why?" Sam asked. " because he's the quarterback on the football team" Sarah clarified. Of course he was. " we'll how are we going to practice without him? He's in this next scene" I question. San taps me on the shoulder," if you want I can play his part."  I smiled at him." Sure." The rest of the day was pretty much a breeze. After school something unexpected happend.   

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