A Billion Wishes in My Heart

Jessica is young 15 year old girl and is in trouble. It's summer, and strange things have been happening. Along the way, Jessica meets a sweet boy named Connor and they fall in love. Suddenly Alexis goes missing and there is nothing she can do. Do her and Connor forget about each other? Does Alexis turn up? Well you'll have to read to find out the the truth about A Billion Wishes in My Heart


1. Chapter One: Along the Way

It was July, 3 at about noon as I was sitting on my front porch enjoying the the nice blue sky with the sun shining and the birds chirping. I grabbed for my cell phone, but as soon as I tried to grab it, mother had grabbed it. 
"Why did you that?!" I had said furious.

"You're over you texting limit and I am no longer paying for your phone bill."

I rolled my eyes and said whatever. I was really bored and I didn't know what to do so I grabbed my bike out of the garage and road my bike to Alexis' house. Before I knocked on her door it had opened and I saw Alexis with her hair all curled up and a million pounds of pink on.

"Hey where you going...?" 

"Oh i'm going to a fourth of July party in  Wisconsin which is a six hour drive from here. Stacey was going to come, but she got got a sour throat and wasn't going to go. Would you like to come?" spoke Alexis as she looked at her clock outside.

"Of course!! I'll go get 2 outfits and pack up all my accessories!!" I said excitedly.

"Ha Ha" 

At about two o'clock I was all packed and ready to go. I got in her car and we started driving. Alexis' mom drive us and since I'm only 14 I can't drive yet. When we got there it turned out the party was at pool. I jumped out of the car and saw this big building. 

"Thats where we're staying!" Alexis mom said as speaking in a I-know-it-all voice. 
"Vacation here we come." 

I ate dinner, unpacked, and went to bed. I heard pounding on the door and it was the neighbor . I opened the door and blushed.

"Holy Hot." I thought to myself. "It's almost midnight what are you doing here...?"

"Oh. Sorry to wake you but I found this note and it had said-
Dear Whoever is reading this, it's Alexis and I am writing this i am back in Canada where I have snuck off with my boyfriend. I am sick of you treating me like I'm just a 5 year old. Where you  have got me to this to point of my life, it's amazing how I even lived. Oh and don't bother looking for me. I don't need you." the neighbor had told me.

"Oh my god! I have to find her!! I have to!" I said as tears started forming in my eyes.

"I'll go with you. I mean...uh. If you want me to." he said blushing.

"Please come with me." 

"Okay. A few months ago I had gotten a train pass but never used it. Let's take the train..."

I nodded my head and went inside. I packed my suitcase and brought some food just in case. I went outside and walked with the neighbor to the train station.

"So uh how old are you and what's your name..?" he had asked me. 

"Oh I'm Jessica but you can call me Jess. I am turning 15 tommorrow. What about you?"

"I'm Connor and I'm 15 too :)"

I nodded abd said "Nice." I got on the train and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, my head was on Conners shoulder and I hurried and got up. Connor had woken up just then and my face was as red as a cherry.

"Uh oh.. Connor we got on the wrong train. This train goes to New Jersey!!!"

"Jess are you freaking kidding me. I don't have money to go back to Wisconsin and up to Canada!"

"My cousin owns a house up here... it's only 2 miles from here I'll call her and ask her to pick us up."

I call her and she said she couldn't for another 2 days because she was out of town. I told her what was going on and she gave me her credit card number and said use as much as you want. 

"We are gonna have to rent  a hotel room Connor." 

"Kay I guess."

Me and Connor are walking to the nearest hotel while he had asked me something insane.

"So um Jess I have been keeping it in for a while now but I was just wondering if you liked me...?"

"What kind of like...? 'Like-Like' or a friend like.  Like-Like you?" 
I say as I blush insane.

"Will you go out with me then...? 

"My heart has broken so many times and I am sorry but I don't thi-" As I am talking Connor kisses me and I start tearing up

Connor just kissed me...this cannot be happening. Oh my god. What am I supposed to say?!  I tried to change the conversation as fast as I could. 

"Wait a minute... How I know her boyfriend is he lives a few blocks away from my aunt... Not in Canada!" I told Connor shockingly. 

"So what are you saying?" 

"I am saying that she lied in the note and she is in New Jersey.... Can you look up on your iPhone where we can get to rent-a-car please..?"

"Sure and I just gotten my license..." As Connor tells me that he looks up and it is accross the street. 

I run with Connor across the street and he goes inside and pay for the car. I sat down on a park bench while a million things went on it my head like-
Woah Connor kissed me,
Why did Alexis leave us,
Where do her parents and my parent think I am,
Should I actually have feelings for Connor...

"Alright we have the choices between a mini van or a slug bug. Which one..?"
Connor said as his words were breaking up.

"Whichever one you want.But wait Connor I thought about it and I was wondering if you did want to go out with me.....?" 

Connor had ignored me and got the car. When we got in the car we drive to my aunts house when then I saw a tiny cottage for rent. It wasn't that much at all so I went to the dude who was selling it. I told him everything that happened and he said he had a big, nice house for free. 

"Connor follow that man dude."


When we got there there was a 2 bedroom house 2 bathroom and a fridge, plasma tv, couch, a table and chairs and everything else. Me and Connor got unpacked and we slept there for a few days. In different bedrooms though. One morning Connor asked me this-

"Yes I will go out with you."



I gave him a big hug and he hugged back. When I hugged him I let go and he went behind me and held me in his arms from the waist.


"Did I miss something..." he said 

"Er um.. We should go to bed. It's getting late." suggested me as I went to get blankets. 

"Oh okay. I'll see you later! Nighty-night." He said as he got into his bed.

I tried to fall asleep but I just couldn't. When I finally fell asleep, I was having a bad dream about Alexis dying. I woke up and screamed. 

"WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OKAY?!" Connor yelled 'protecting' me. 

"I-I'm fine..." I try to go back asleep. Before I knew it, Connor grabbed my hand and kissed it. 

"Sweet dreams, baby." 


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