I loved him first

Katie gets bullied back in England,when her dad gets offered a job in Ireland she thinks she has a chance to get away from her bully Amy,but when Katie finds out that Amy's dad is also offered to go to Ireland but two weeks later Katie can't believe her bad luck, only being in her new school for two weeks before Amy,Katie befriends Niall, when Amy arrives she fancies Niall straight off, what will happen between Katie and Niall and Amy? Read to find out :) this is my first one so no hate please x


2. This is it,my worries go away

"Get up Katie,it's your first day in your new school!" We'll atleast someone was happy about me going to school,I groaned and got out of bed after 3 minutes of laying at the ceiling wondering what it would be like,my new school that is.

What to wear? First impressions are always important, something to show who I am but not think I'm wierd and have no-one like on my first day.that would kill me.
Oh here,washed look skinny jeans ,dark blue low cut converse and my 'I'd really like to stay and chat but I really *moustache* t shirt, it's cute and will take everyone's eye away from my ugly face. I guess that's one of the reasons why I got picked on,I have wavy hair just below the bra strap and I wore glasses,Yep typical nerd glasses too but I really like them and don't give a shit what people think, I do but want to keep them inside me.

After all this thinking I decide to go downstairs and see him because he'll probably be panicking that ill be late, but no,he's not anywhere to be seen, I shrug it off and think he's probably just getting me used to this because of his job, I make myself toast with Nutella, if there's one thing I could live off it's this. Then I see the note "Katie, sorry had to leave early this morning, boss wanted me to get to know everyone before we start shift, met this guy last night, he's got a son in your year who said hell walk to school with you, be ready for 8,hope you know first day back is non school uniform day see ya when I get back love you x dad" oh right thanks dad, shit what's the time? 7:46am phew I have time to brush my teeth and get my bag. Then the door bell rang, great that must be him, another loser my dads set me up with to walk to school with then ill be picked on in this school too. Quick check though,teeth check breath,yeah minty, makeup,not slutty and not too natural, hair meh it looks ok natural, that's when I opened the door and I thought I was blinded by the light coming off him, the blonde hair blue eyed hotty with his whiff "wow" I whispered.

"Not bad yourself " he winked and grinned,shit he heard me,wait did he just say not bad yourself? "Hey I'm Niall" "Katie" I smiled back. "Should we get going then?" "Yeah,aha, I thought I'd come this early to get a coffee or something on the way?" "Erm do they do tea? Typical Brit loves her tea" "right" he said smirking, well dad you finally got something right I thought.

After the tea we were talking like we had been best friends since we were born. He Stopped my track of thoughts by putting his hand on mine "maybe we should get to school now otherwise well be late and we don't want that on your first day do we?" He said sarcastically "so how come you moved then?" He said sounding intrigued to hear my story. "Dad got a job over here" "yeah I know that bit but couldn't you stay at home with your mum?" "My er..mum walked out on us when we were younger plus I got bullied at my old school and I couldn't wait to move" " oh I'm sorry for asking.." "No it's fine you was gunna find out sooner or later" I say giggling "and just for the record I think your stunning and perfect the way you are,the bullies were jealous of what you've got and they won't ever have!" "And what might that be ni" "beauty,inside and out and brains,because you'd need brains to see that" we both walked into the main gate giggling. "So this is where I leave you?" "Naa you can't get rid of me that easily" he said he in a flirty way. "We've got to pick up your timetable and see what classes you're in off mine" " oh right yeah how could I forget" I saying punching him in the shoulder playfully.

"So what classes?" The blonde beauty says to me.
"Oh my fucking god you're in the same as me for all of them!"
"Yay a classroom buddy" I say mocking his voice. That's when all his mate came over,4 off them.
They were sex gods. "Who have we got here then nialler?" The Curly haired one said "this is Katie she's from England,moved here 3 days ago. "I'm Harry" the curly one said,his voice seemed flirty,"I'm Louis"said the one in stripes,guess that's his thing, " bad happenin love? Zayns the name" he has gorgeous skin. "Hiya love I'm Liam" says the guy with the almost exact hairstyle as Justin bieber,god I love Justin bieber. "So what lessons have you got?" Says the one I stripes,before I could answer Niall jumps right in "the same as mine"
"Good luck with having ni in your class he won't shut up" said Harry,Niall elbowed him playfully, Liam whispered something to Niall and Niall responded something but I'm not very good at lip reading so I guess I'll ask him later.thats when the bell went for us to go to tutor.
"Niall what did you and Liam whisper like 3 minutes ago?" I say suspiciously "oh haha,he said that he thinks me and you would make a great couple" his grin widened
" and you replied with what?" I say grinning and raising one of my eyebrows
"I said,I know."
That's when he done it,his lips crashed against mine,each movement making me want more. That when he pulled away releasing me back to planet earth.
"That felt so right" I say looking into his eyes
"Katie I know we've only been together for like 2 hours but I'd really like you to be my girlfriend,something out us feels right"
"I know, yes Yes I will!" Something about the way he makes me feel is nothing like I've ever experianced in my life,butterflies in my stomach,heart pounding out of my chest,body feeling love,that's when I realised,it must be love.
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