I loved him first

Katie gets bullied back in England,when her dad gets offered a job in Ireland she thinks she has a chance to get away from her bully Amy,but when Katie finds out that Amy's dad is also offered to go to Ireland but two weeks later Katie can't believe her bad luck, only being in her new school for two weeks before Amy,Katie befriends Niall, when Amy arrives she fancies Niall straight off, what will happen between Katie and Niall and Amy? Read to find out :) this is my first one so no hate please x


3. My life's perfect,something bad will happen

•Authors Note,sorry bout the spelling mistakes, im on my ipod typing this whole movella out, i hope you like it so far! sorry bout the long chapters,i get carried away:3 and something is going to happen in this chapter so Yeah enjoy!:)•

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've been with Niall,he's so perfect and I love my life here in Ireland,I never want to have to see any one from England ever again!

"Katie?" My dad shouts,wait what's the time? 7:00am on the dot, well when I go down I guess I'll see if my dads still down there instead of going to work,sometimes he's in early,sometimes he's here to see me and Niall off, he knows Nialls my boyfriend and approves of him since Niall came for tea last weekend,I wouldn't of cared if dad didn't like him hit its better that he does. Anyways Nialls coming in an hour "I'm getting ready dad ill be down in a minute"
"Alright then"
Whey he's actually still here,guess he's not going in early this morning. School clothes shit yeah, the school uniform ain't that bad here actually,it consist of a white polo with the logo on,trousers,I wear miss sexy trousers,I don't like baggy trousers,and a dark blue jumper. I know it doesn't sous very attractive,it looks good on some people and on others it doesn't ,ni said I'm one of the ones that does. After 10 minutes of putting school clothes makeup and my black converse on I make my say downstairs.
"Hey missy"
"Hey dad"
"Want some toast?"
"Ouh yes please"
"Hey listen I have something to tell you"
"Yeaaaah?" I say holding the toast against my lips
"Yanoo that Amy that went to your old school? The red haired one?"
He better not mean slutty Amy
"Yeah I think,she dead?" I get the image of her lieig dead on the pavement and laugh,my dads face looking slightly worried so I snap out of it
"You was saying?"
"Yeah... Well anyways she's just moved over here.."
The rest of that I didn't hear,just his words haunting me 1000 times, I don't realise but I dropped my toast. I ran out of the house grabbing my things along the way,that was when I bumped into Niall crying my heart out
"Woah,calm down what's wrong?" He asked extremely concerned.
"Yano that time.. I-I-I s-edd-d I was bu-ill-eed?" I try to hold back the rest of the tears but It doesn't happen
"Yes,you're safe here Katie yano that right?"
" that's just it niall, I-Im n-n-not she's moving over here,Amy, the girl who bullied me for 16 years of my life,same school everything,she'll bully me again until I'm broken,she'll take you and the boys away from me and I'll be the loser I always was and still are."
" that's not true, you'll always have me and the boys and el and Danielle" everyone I mean that. Got that?"
I mumble the words " I love you" and he says it back more meaningfully.

•sorry it's short the next chapters going to be full of drama,hopefully you like it!•
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