I loved him first

Katie gets bullied back in England,when her dad gets offered a job in Ireland she thinks she has a chance to get away from her bully Amy,but when Katie finds out that Amy's dad is also offered to go to Ireland but two weeks later Katie can't believe her bad luck, only being in her new school for two weeks before Amy,Katie befriends Niall, when Amy arrives she fancies Niall straight off, what will happen between Katie and Niall and Amy? Read to find out :) this is my first one so no hate please x


1. I can't wait to get away

"What's the matter Katie? Still a virgin?" Amy says in her patronising voice.
"Maybe... Oh wait are you still a slut?" I say chuckling to myself.
"At least I can get a guy Katie,you're a fucking ugly twat and you'll die alone"
"Fuck off Amy"
- yep this is a normal day at my school,can't wait to get away from here, only two more days and counting.
"Hey Katie" just as I turn around I get knocked to the ground and completely black out. As I come around I know instantly who shoved me. Amy. I hate her,I hate her so fucking much, I hate this school. A teacher helps me up and I hide the tears, when I get out of school I run home, this is the usual routine, normally my best friend would come with me but since she's ill she obviously can't. I feel really bad for leaving her though, I think I might visit her house. Yeah I'll visit her house. Right now.
*knock knock*
"Oh hey Katie"
"Hi mrs jones,is Lilly there?"
"I'm afraid you can't see her at the moment Katie"
"But I must see her! I leave in two days! She's been off for a month already!"
" I understand Katie but she doesn't want you to see her in the condition she's in"
" could you atleast tell her I said I miss her, ill Facebook her and to get well soon"
"I will dont worry love"
"Thanks mrs jones"
Lilly's been my best friend since I was two,this illness must be serious,she's been off since he had that migrant. I miss her so much and her comforting words.

2 days later-

Finally the day has come! IM MOVING TO IRELAND! Away from Amy and her army.

"Are you ready Katie?" My dad shouts.
"Yeah one sec! Just getting my shoes on!"
"This is it love,say goodbye to city's and hello to small villages!" My dad says in a wired voice.
"I can't wait to move to mullingar!"
" I know you're upset about Lilly but she can visit and you'll make new friends!"
" I know dad, i know" "this is the day i get away from my worries" i say in an almost whisper.
• authors note, I know it's long but trust me I haven't got to the best bit yet, please comment an tell me what you think as its my first fanfic•
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