Our We friends Or Are We More

Hello love my name is Briana and i m cousin with Zayn Malik cousin. Heard of it yeah thought so. *Dont wanna say much cause you have to read the book trust me if you like One Direction, Romance, and other things this is your book !*


5. Truth or Dare.

Briana POV:

     After the Lazer tag we went back to our hotel. We all got change into our comfy pjs. I put my hair in a messy bun. I walk into Harry and Zayn room where everybody at. I knock on the door and Niall opens the door with a bag of popcorn. "Oh hey Briana come in come in." "Oh Hey Nialler Vas Happening?" i replied. "You hang out with Zayn to much" Liam said with a chuckle. "Hey guys where Hazza?" "Hes in the shower he just got in so it might be a while.." Louis said. 

*15 minutes later*

Niall POV:

     "OH LOOK WHO FINALLY GOT OF THE SHOWER!" Louis said sarcastically. "Hey Tommo just wanna smell good alright." Harry said. "Oh you must stink then.." Louis said. "AND TO THINK I THOUGHT YOU LOVE ME FOR ME AND NOT MY SMELL!" Harry replied. "BUT I DO LOVE YOU HAZZA BEAR !"  "ALRIGHT GUYS ENOUGH BROMANCE LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!" i said. I wanna ask Briana if she likes Harry but then i don't want her to get embarrassed FUCK IT YOLO! (sorry for my french its Niall you know hes Irish.) "Alright i ll go first" Zayn said. "hmmm Liam truth or dare?" "Dare i m in a daring mood!" Liam replied. Zayn gave Liam a smirk "I dare you hold a spoon till the end of the game!" Zayn said dramatically. "BUT ZAYN YOU KNOW I HATE SPOONS!" Liam said looking as scared as if he saw a ghost. Zayn comes back with a spoon in his hand and said "exactly" with a big smirk across his face. "Zayn your so mean look at Liam face he looks terrified!!" Briana said. "Oh well its a dare" Zayn said. "Alright alright i ll do it but just this once!! i dislike you Zayn!" Liam looking like he holding death in his hand but trying not to think about it. Everybody in the room knows that Harry likes Briana. But Briana doesnt know which sucks because EVERYBODY WANT THEM TOGETHER! You can see Harry glance at her every once in a while. We were still playing truth or dare and so far Harry switch clothes with Louis. Louis said a truth about he would have sex with Cher. I had to lick Zayn toe. Zayn said he would infact might marry Perrie. But Briana hasnt gone yet. I look at Louis because it was his turn and point at Briana who was talking to Zayn about Perrie. He wink "Briana Truth or Dare" Louis said with a grin. "Dang it!! umm lets go with Truth!" Briana said. "What a baby, you didnt pick dare" Zayn wine. "Next time i ll do dare but it wouldnt be with Louis, he scares me with dares!!" Briana said with smirk looking at Louis. "Dang it i had a good dare for Briana too!" Louis said with in evil smirk. I look at Louis i mouth out Harry. He gave me a evil smirk then turn to Briana. "LADY BRI-BRI who would you go out with in this room.." 

Briana POV:

     Oh great what i m going to say it will be weird if i said Harry. Hmm i got it "I ll go out with Kevin" i said with smirk. Everybody started to laugh. "What thats not fair i said a person!!" Louis said. "No you said in this room and hes right behind you by my phone charger." I look at Harry to see if he was laughing how i was laughing but you can tell he putting a fake smile why? Maybe i ll just talk to Niall about it.

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