Our We friends Or Are We More

Hello love my name is Briana and i m cousin with Zayn Malik cousin. Heard of it yeah thought so. *Dont wanna say much cause you have to read the book trust me if you like One Direction, Romance, and other things this is your book !*


2. The Ellen Show.

Briana POV:

     I woke up to a bright shinny day my. Then i remember today the day i get to met Ellen, me and my mom is her biggest fans! I sat up on the bed looking through my phone you know the same Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr, and facebook. I love my fans i mean their the best! I saw some funny pictures of the boys and me together saying that me and Harry are going out. Which is a lie were not were just best friends and plus he likes Taylor Swift and i like Nick Jonas. I was reading some mentions and i love how everybody knew i was going to do the Ellen show. It still feels weird being famous and stuff but i love what i m doing and that's all that matters. I got ready i took a shower dry my hair and put loose curls at the bottom of my long brown hair.Then i curled my eye lashes and put some massacre and little bit of black eye liner to match my brown eyes. Then i put and comfortable but stylish outfit. Then i went into my car and headed to the Ellen Show. Ellen already knew i was related to Zayn i told her a couple days ago and she figure because we have the same exact eyes and eye lashes. When i got there Ellen look as happy could be. She showed me around and when was my cue. She just like how she is on tv, funny, awesome, and just plain out cool. When the show started i was watching the tv from the room. Then my manger came in Mason, and said i ll be on in 5. I was excited but scared and nervous. Maybe because i was going to tell everybody Zayn Malik was my cousin. But they wont mind right? I walk into the hall way and wait until she call me out.

Ellen: HERE IS BRIANAA!! (scream and shout plays while i walk in and people screaming)

Briana: Hello guys! (in my British but also American accent) (Ellen gives me a hug and i sit down)

Ellen: So Briana tell me how you been with all this star stuff and attention you been getting?

Briana: Well i mean so far its great, I made some really close friends like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Little Mix. (With a smile)

Ellen: What about the Band One Direction I mean you guys are really close. (Gave Briana a Wink)

Briana: Actually i m quite Best friends with Harry Styles and im going to tell you something Ellen i m related to Zayn Malik i m cousin with Zayn. (crowd in shock)

Ellen: Well that explains why you guys kinda look alike. Why didnt you want to tell anybody?

Briana: Well umm, I didnt want people to like me because i m Zayn Malik cousin i wanted people like me for my music and will me, not because i m related to Zayn. (crowd cheers the weight lifted off my shoulders it felt good!)

     Ellen said that she will be back with me singing my number one hit. Ellen started to tell me i did good and that everybody well understand. We were talking about her home life mine and then we started to get ready to go on stage. Then i was going to sing My Love Is Like A Star (Bye Demi Lovato but in the story its Briana Song). After i sang everybody clap and cheer. Then Ellen came to the microphone and said will isnt that talent good job Briana hope to see you very soon bye guys !!

 Briana POV:

     Well i guess that wasnt that bad.. :)



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