Our We friends Or Are We More

Hello love my name is Briana and i m cousin with Zayn Malik cousin. Heard of it yeah thought so. *Dont wanna say much cause you have to read the book trust me if you like One Direction, Romance, and other things this is your book !*


4. Lazer Tag Gone Wrong!!

Niall POV:

     Briana was thinking about something when were out to eat at Nandos. Every time i look at her she would be laughing and blushing to herself. I mean she looks like she day dreaming. Then i look at Harry and you could see how he looks at her he loves her. The sad thing is that management wants Harry to go out with Taylor Swift for her new album would get more hits. She seems like a nice person i haven't met her yet. Harry tells me and the boys how bad he loves her. Even Zayn wants them together which is a good thing because Zayn and Briana our practically like brother and sister except their cousin. They well go out one day because me and the boys our gonna put them together! "Hey Nialler can you pass the frys!" Briana yelled at me. I look at her as if she was mad. "Woah these our my frys get your own!!" i replied. "Butttttt but sharing caring.." with her puppy eyes. "Fine just this once, Nialler feels like sharing." with a big oh grin on my face and handing her some. "NIALLER SHARING FOOD WHATT!!!" Louis in shock! "I guess its a lucky day for her" sticking my tongue at Louis. 

Liam POV:

     I was looking at Harry and Briana talking and it looks like flirting. I MISS MY DANIELLE i want her to be right by my side and holding her while we watch toy story together. Then when Danielle kiss my nose because i was about to cry when Woody thought Andy didn't want Woody anymore. Oh gosh then go play Lazer tag with her and watch her beat me. Then it hit me we should all play Lazer tag!! "HEY GUYS JUST GOT A GREAT IDEAL WE SHOULD PLAY LAZER TAG!!" i replied. Zayn jumping up and down screaming YES ! "LEGGO" Harry said still jumping in excitement. "Aww i haven't been to lazer tag in years, i wanna shoot Zayn and kill him multiple times!" she laugh pretends to shoot Zayn. "HEY I WANNA PRETEND TO KILL YOU TOO!" Zayn screams.

*At the Lazer Tag Alley*

Briana POV:

     Me and Harry got out of the car and ran to the door we rent out a whole lazer tag room so no fans can bother us. We got our suits on and my team was Louis, and Zayn we were the red team. The blue team was Liam,Niall, and Harry. "Your going down boo bear!" Harry said to Louis. "Let see who gonna win Haz." Louis replid. "Guys enough smack talk let the guns do the talking." i said with a cheeky smile. We went into the room and it was dark with dance lights. I started to run and i can hear Harry following me. We had ten seconds to find a hidding spot and Harry freaking following me! I was laughing and BAMM i ran into a wall that i thought was stairs and then there Harry ran right into me making a sandwhich and i was the jelly. "HEY MAN WATCH WHERE YOU GOING HAZ!!" laughing so hard can barley breath. "WELL AT LEAST I WASNT THE ONE WHO RAN INTO THE WALL!" Also Laughing. The beep begain beeping which met you can shoot. I look at him and he was still laughing heres my chance i pull out me gun and shot him. Which turns off his gun for couple seconds. "HEY!" Harry yelled. "All fair in love in war." i smile running away.

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