Our We friends Or Are We More

Hello love my name is Briana and i m cousin with Zayn Malik cousin. Heard of it yeah thought so. *Dont wanna say much cause you have to read the book trust me if you like One Direction, Romance, and other things this is your book !*


3. Flashback.

Briana POV:

     After the Ellen Show i came back to the Hotel and right next door was Zayn and Harry room and infront of my room is Louis, Niall, and Liam because none of them wanted to be by themselves. I knock on the Zayn and Harry door and Louis opens the door with a bag of carrots. "LADY BRI-BRI!!" Louis scream giving me a hug and after doing our handshake. I walk in the room to see everybody in Zayn and Harry room. I gave everybody a hug and then i told  them i told Ellen the good news! "WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE!!" Niall said while eating a bag of chips. "AGREED" Harry said with his cheeky smile. Oh god how i love that smile it brightens my day. Snap out of it!! Briana he your best friend and plus he doesn't like you. Wait what about that kiss we once had no that was on accident i mean we had to. 


Harry POV:

     I got tickets to a Ed Sheeran i know how much Briana like him and so do I. (Day of Concert) I was shaking and nervous i like her so much but i know she doesn't like me she in love with her boyfriend Sean. He a jerk he breaks her heart but she stays with him. I mean he cheated on her i would never do that. Even Zayn doesn't like him hes rude. Briana was walking down the stairs with her I Love Ed Sheeran shirt that was back but the words was colorful and with soft baby blue skinny jeans with her hair curly with a  baby blue bow in back of her hair and tad make up she look stunning. I caught myself staring at her she look amazing. "How do i look? " She ask. " You look perfect" i replied. Dang it now she'll think i like her. Why am i so nervous usually i m chill with girls. But Briana she gives me goose bumps and butterfly's. (At the Concert) We walk in we got second row nobody notice me because it was just after the x-factor.

Briana POV:

     We got our seats and we were talking before Ed got on stage. When he was on stage he started to sing A team first. After a couple songs like Drunk, Cold Coffee, Little Lady and other songs. Then Ed said, here a song to you couples out there and started to sing kiss me. On a screen their was a kiss cam and you can see couple kissing. Then it pointed at us we both look at each other and my stomach was screaming my heart was beating so hard i thought he could hear it . Then we could hear people chanting kiss. He look at me with those big green eyes and i nodded. He close his and so did I and we lean and kiss each other. It was so perfect i never had a kiss like that. It was like fireworks shooting all around us.

Harry POV:
     Did i just kiss her i mean she going out with Sean and if Zayn knew he well kill me. But that kiss was amazing the best kiss i ever had. She gorgeous in every other way. I just hope we become more than just friends...



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