Our We friends Or Are We More

Hello love my name is Briana and i m cousin with Zayn Malik cousin. Heard of it yeah thought so. *Dont wanna say much cause you have to read the book trust me if you like One Direction, Romance, and other things this is your book !*


1. Past to Present

My name is Briana i started to sing with my cousin Zayn Malik at 6 years old. Then when we got older i move to America. Me and Zayn are really close well we are a year apart hes older.When i got older in my teen years my hearts got broken by a guy name Sean. Later in life i always try to get over him we were always off and on.When Zayn told me he was going to try out for x-factor i really wanted to do it. But my mum said no because i was 16 and i was still in school. When i heard that Zayn got kick off it was heart breaking, i know he wanted to go to the x-factor to see the experience but i really wanted him to win because he has a great voice. When i was on the plane to go see Zayn, his mum called us and says they got put in a group.Then when i met the boys my eyes went directly to Harry. Then when times went by. I was finally 18 and i wanted to try out for x-factor. I went into the x-factor terrified. I didn't want to tell them that my cousin was Zayn Malik because they wouldn't see me as Briana they'll see me as "Zayn Malik Cousin Who Sings!" I didn't want that so i wanted to see if i was good enough. I went to the final three they love how i could write, play instrument, and sing. When i went to the finally three i could see Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and my family standing there smiling at me. When we walk back stage. Zayn sign up so he could sing on x-factor to see me sing. By then Harry Styles was my best friend. We knew each other for 2 years already and i was closest to him then any others. But the sucky thing is that we cant really do anything because he always on tour or interviews.When i got first on the x-factor i could everybody chanting my name. When i went back stage crying of happy tears. The first person who i hug was Zayn. Then i whisper into his ear we've made it. Then i hug Harry i could've sworn i had about 1,000 butterfly's in my stomach. He then whisper congrats i wish i had gone that far in the x-factor. I gave him a shove as if he made it father then me. Couple months wents pass and i was the biggest pop idol girl there was. But still nobody knows that Zayn was my cousin and Sean kept calling and texing me to get back together. But i know hes only using me for frame. Tomorrow i was going on Ellen and i was going to tell Zayn was my cousin. Finally!

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