Mistletoe! (Juju)

The story is about... Justin and Selena...and how they fell in love!


1. Mistole!

And imma be under the mistole,with you..shawty with you with you...under the mistletoe. "Okay that's a wrap" Scooter yelled. I took the dre beats off my head and walked out of the recording room. Scooter patted my shoulder and walked out with everyone else, I hit the play button and turned up the music. I stood up and placed my hand hip length and wrapped my hand I was holding someone's hand. Suddenly I felt another hand but nobody was there. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. And I saw the spirit of Selena, she smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder. We danced around then the song ended. She looked at me " I'll always be here with you" right here she said putting her hand over my heart. She leaned in for a kiss! Even when she is a spirit I feel sparks. "You know ...I wrote this song for you I whispered." I know I must go now Selena said. Go home to the kids tell them I love them. Go spend Christmas Eve with your family. She started to fade away "I will...I MISS you I LOVE you.." I screamed. I locked up the studio! And went home and grabbed the kids.. We drove to the graveyard that Selena was buried at..we all ran to the grave and put the mistole on it....! I hugged the kids and kissed there foreheads. I saw Selena smiling I pointed at her and she whispered "with you".
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